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Key Details of ID Guard Offline

  • Security chip-level protection.
  • Last updated on February 22, 2024
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    Clean (it's extremely likely that this software program is clean)

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Developer's Description

Security chip-level protection.

Looking for a very secure password manager with wonderful features? Maybe ID Guard Offline can meet your needs. Try this OFFLINE vault to lock your passwords.


- Security chip-level protection. Your passwords will be encrypted by the security chip on your phone. Even if the encrypted data is stolen by means of app clone or phone backup, or the set master password is leaked, your passwords will not be disclosed.

- Use it offline. If you surf via insecure Wi-Fi, the password manager accessing the Internet might be hacked by malicious code, causing passwords to be leaked. ID Guard Offline does not access Internet at all, so it can keep your data safe from any kind of network attack.

- Explicit iOS guards. ID Guard Offline adopts keychain service accessing with biometric authentication protection. Whenever accessing the passwords, iOS will automatically prompt you for biometric authentication (except for master password protection).

AES-256, PBKDF2? Of course! And we do far more than these industry-standard technologies.


- Account templates. Hundreds of account templates, including Apple ID, Google, Microsoft, etc., can be used to hold all sorts of security information you can ever think of, such as recovery keys and security questions and answers. Some templates also have security tips.

- OTP Authenticator. ID Guard Offline integrates one-time password (OTP) authenticator to facilitate two-factor authentication (2FA). You no longer need a separate authenticator.

- Autofill login. You can easily fill in your username and password with just two taps.

- Password generator. The inbuilt password generator can generate random passwords using our proprietary password generation algorithm. It can even generate password composed of emojis!

- Password Meter. Try passwords like "1qaz2wsx". ID Guard Offline will tell you that it is poor!

- URLs are too long? Nicknames work too. Try "twitter", "fb", etc.

- Add multiple tags for any account so that you can find the account you want to view quickly.

- When you look in the account list, you can see the big website logo at a glance.

- Import passwords from Chrome. Importing from other browsers or apps will be supported soon.

- Last but not least, you can back up and restore your data to avoid accidental data loss.

- [PRO] Save up to 1000 accounts.

- [PRO] Use all templates.

- [PRO] Add custom tags.

- [PRO] Add custom logo

- [PRO] Add note, attachment, and OTP.

More innovative technologies and features will continue to be launched. Stay tuned!

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