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  • Many existing goods and services are not accessible in our current online marketplaces.
  • Last updated on March 14, 2020
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Developer's Description

Many existing goods and services are not accessible in our current online marketplaces.

Many existing goods and services are not accessible in our current online marketplaces. People need to use a variety of applications & sites to exchange effectively. Most people do not have the time and energy to do this. Some people do not have the money. The current way of doing things is not sustainable for us, our communities, or our environment.

Let's say your toaster broke. You go to the store and by a new one because it's easy. The one's at the store aren't great, but you buy the one they have. You do not know that your neighbor has a nice one in his garage. It is taking up space and he does not want it so he throws it away. IT will sit in a landfill next to the packaging from your new lesser quality toaster. This is the way IT has been.

What if we could do IT better?

After years of research & development, I am proud to introduce Have IT, Want IT, Need IT. Whatever IT is, find IT here.

HWNit is something better. IT is a Community Exchange for a rapidly shifting society. IT is based on the idea that everything we could want or need already exists locally. If not, as a community, we have the resources to create. IT was created for the World, by the People, with Love.

HWNit is a free community tool created to empower people & facilitate the exchanges of goods & services using Community Trust.

What is Community Trust?

CT works like this 1 CT has the approximate value of $5. If you wanted to sell a good for $10, you would offer it for 2 CT. CT also works like a timebank hour with 1 hour equaling 5 CT. This means that one hour of service would give you 5 Community Trust. This makes it easy to exchange goods for services & visa versa.

How can we make currency*?

Bernard Lietaer, who had a hand in designing the Euro, before dropping out of that system and writing several books on complementary currencies, has an almost circular definition of money. It is, he says, an agreement within a community to use something as a medium of exchange (Lietaer, et al, 2012). When you sign up for HWNit, you agree to use CT as a medium of exchange. Viola. No dollars, no problem. We even give you 5 Community Trust just for signing up. Pretty radical right?

*Please note that Community Trust is an agreement and not a legal currency. Please also note that we do not offer tax or relationship advice, but be true to yourself & the right person will love you right. Don't settle for less than you are worth.

How do I get more CT?

As above, you get 5 CT for signing up & each account is set to go to -5 CT. This means, to start, you'll have 10 CT you can use. We will also give CT away! We have a lot of Trust in and for our Community.

How do I use IT?

HWNit is organized in three sections for easy navigation...

YOU (profile)

*create a profile

*post goods and services

*check messages

*see your rating & reviews

PLUS (exchange)

*look for goods & services

*find IT locally

*make an offer

*easy transactions

*add posts to favorites

US (community)

*add friends

*post events

*search for local resources

What about Ratings?

All Members start with a 7.9 rating (yellow). Once you do one transaction with a rating of 8 or more, you are in the green. It is then up to you to stay there.

What's next?

That will depend on you. We're going to Kickstart in May 2017 to build out the application to include many more helpful features. So what are you waiting for? Join IT & get started. Use IT with your community. You have nothing to lose and much to gain. The App is community supported and will remain free and free of ads, because we love you. This is our gift to you. May all who use IT benefit from IT. Cheers!

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