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House to House Records for iOS

Key Details of House to House Records

  • Record not-at-homes in service.
  • Last updated on 7/11/2020
  • There have been 9 updates

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Developer's Description

Record not-at-homes in service.

Record not-at-home's in field service with one hand!

House to House is designed to make recording not-at-home's and future return visits from your field ministry fast and easy.

How to use House to House:

1. Create a new record when you begin field service on a new street, adding the street name and the range of numbers to use.

2. House to House creates a grid of numbers, representing possible address numbers.

3. Time to record an address that was a not-at-home or that will be a return visit? Find the number in the grid. Tap once if it is a not-at-home. (The rectangle will become orange.) Tap twice if it will be a return visit. (The rectangle will be dark blue.) The third tap on a rectangle will clear this information. (The rectangle will become light blue again.)


- Mark not-at-home's, returns, and do-not-return's on a street by tapping a color-coded grid of address numbers.

- Add quick notes for return visits; the date is appended to the end when it's added while you're using a grid mode.

- View all numbers, or view only even numbers and odd numbers, for visiting one side of the street.

- Adjust the range of address numbers when you need to.

- View your list of not-at-home's or return visits, export your record as a PDF, or email it as text.

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