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Heart Rate - Track Your Pulse for iOS

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Key Details of Heart Rate - Track Your Pulse

  • Blood pressure Monitor & BPM.
  • Last updated on February 22, 2024
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Developer's Description

Blood pressure Monitor & BPM.

Heart Rate - Track Your Pulse is an up-to-date pulse monitor that tracks your cardio score and rolls out personal heartbeat stats. This easy-to-use health app empowers you to stay in control of your heart rate and tweak your cardio workout for better results.

Whether you have a normal resting heart rate or fast, this heart rate tracker counts in every single bpm and monitors your blood circulation. You can count your BPM with a pulse checker anytime you want, for example, before sleeping, after sleeping, before a workout, during the workout, after the physical training, after having a panic attack, after a stressful situation and many more.

With this heartbeat checker opened, you can measure your pulse in 3 steps:

1. Cover the back camera and flash with your finger

2. Let the app scanning

3. Find out your BPM result

In the heart rate monitor, you can find the Insight section. Browse your heartbeat history there and find out your average, minimum and maximum heart rate. Explore real-time stats on your heart activity and smarten up your cardio exercise.

Why choose Heart Rate - Track Your Pulse monitor?

- Unlimited measurements

- No ads

- Check your pulse every day

- Boost your fitness level anytime

- Track your stress relief stage and adhere to it

- Find out who makes your heart skip a beat

*Premium features include:

- Add Notes. Describe your feeling, sync it with the heartbeat numbers to analyze your well-being.

- Enhance stats. Get a full picture of your heart's activity per week, month or all-time whether in a graph or calendar mode.


The heart rate calculator isn't made for medical purposes. Use the app only for general health information.


The resting heart rate range is between 60 and 100 for adults (men and women). The changes might get influenced by your physical state, body structure, emotion (stress, love, hate, anger, fear, panic), etc. Find out your BPM digits by constantly measuring the heartbeat with the heart rate monitor while youre resting.


We recommend taking your pulse daily for a regular check. After a week or a month, you can analyze the measurement history and spot any deviations in your cardio activity.


These days we think it's essential to keep your mind cold and heart calm. If you know your single heart's reactions to various events, it might be helpful to identify any deviations in your heartbeat's activity. Download this free heart rate monitor and start measuring every BPM of your heart which can assist you to know your cardio well-being better.


When it comes to your hearts health - everything should be taken into consideration. Heart Rate tracker - health assistant - is at your service and ready to show current BPM anytime, anywhere. Whether you're doing your cardio workouts, running, jogging, busy with fitness training, feeling stressed in the office, relaxing at home heart rate monitor is ready to share the BPM on demand. Just open the pulse checker, complete the instruction and measuring process and get the result. Collect your heart's results and browse the history and stat's section.


Getting prepared for your next medical check? Grab your phone with the installed heartbeat monitor and show BPM results of all measurements you made for the time of using the app. The heart rate tracker records your heart digits every time and shows it on the insight section for each month. You can also see your maximum, minimum, and average pulse of all time on the blood pressure monitor finger touch.

Download the heartbeat tracker app and monitor your heart rate now!

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