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  • Hearing Loss Treatment, Tinnitus is a ringing-like noise that seems to be coming form in the ear or head.
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Hearing Loss Treatment, Tinnitus is a ringing-like noise that seems to be coming form in the ear or head.

Hearing Loss Treatment, Tinnitus is a ringing-like noise that seems to be coming form in the ear or head. In most cases, it is not serious, but rather an irritant that will eventually go away. There are 36 million Americans who suffer from tinnitus. It is not a disease but a symptom of other underlying issues that only the patient can hear the noise. This should be evaluated by an ear, nose and throat specialist before any hearing loss treatment is started to make sure it is not caused by another problem that can be treated.

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Special tests, a medical history and physical exam are all performed to determine where the tinnitus is originating. The doctor needs to know if the noise is constant, periodic, pulsating or from hearing loss or vertigo. It the tinnitus cannot be explained a hearing test will need to be performed. Usually, there is no certain treatment for tinnitus and it may go away on its own.

There are many hearing loss treatments for persistent tinnitus:

1. Medication. No one medication will work. Some anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants are helpful.

2. Tinnitus retraining therapy. One type of therapy is Directive counseling which provides education for the cause and effect of tinnitus. A second type is Low-level sound generators. They produce soft noise so the brain can relearn a pattern to de-emphasize the tinnitus.

3. Acoustic therapy. Sound produced externally to cover up or alter the tinnitus. There are six different methods of this type of stimulation.

4. Music therapy. Some music can found to be soothing when listened to.

5. Neuromonics acoustic desensitization protocol. Method of a processor worn on the body that presents music that is filtered.

6. Amplification. This is the process of minimizing tinnitus by using hearing aids and maskers.

7. Counseling. This can help to reduce stress and distraction associated with tinnitus.

8. Stress management. Controlling stress will help to maintain composure and logic when trying to live with tinnitus.

Once the cause of tinnitus is found, there are many hearing loss treatments that can be considered. and more tips information you can Download our app.

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