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  • Electronic Health Records.
  • Last updated on September 10, 2020
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Developer's Description

Electronic Health Records.

HealthQik provides an online platform where patients can connect with doctors to receive quality healthcare services that are remotely accessible at anytime, anywhere. By providing online resources, HealthQik intends to make healthcare simple and more accessible to the patients.

HealthQik provides an MRN (Medical Record Number) which is a unique identity for patients medical history. We help patients to walk in handsfree by digitizing their medical records and making it available to the doctors.

Benefits for Providers:

Online Presence - Online listing allows easy accessibility to new and existing patients. Instant online scheduling improves the staffs efficiency by reducing the time spent on manual booking and taking patient inquiries over phone or at the counter

Paperless ecosystem - The currently used paper based system is insufficient, ineffective and involves high cost of maintenance. On the contrary, HealthQik has several advantages like easy data recovery, portability, collaboration. Cost reductions includes reduction of supplies for paper-charts, disposal of storage facilities

Patient Loyalty - Patient gets seamless experience right from scheduling their appointment, appointment reminders to prescriptions and on the go access to their medical records that enhances patient experience. A happy patient is a retained patient

Analytics - Custom analytics to get insights into each doctors revenue, that helps keeping a check on health of the business

Increased appointments - Better patient engagement and management will reduce the encounter time enabling the doctor to see more patients in the same work hours. Additionally, preventive healthcare will also help patients identify their due tests and screenings resulting in increased appointment through our platform.

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