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  • Words of Wisdom from the Holy Prophet i.e.
  • Last updated on July 8, 2020
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Developer's Description

Words of Wisdom from the Holy Prophet i.e.

Words of Wisdom from the Holy Prophet i.e. Ahadith- e- Nabvi have great importance in our life. These are the words of Muhammad PBUH that saved many from betraying. Although bunch of Ahadith Apps are already there for reader to spark their Eeman, however our team also put its effort for this noble cause. Since Islamic Calendar reveals that Ramadan Kareem is ready to shower its blessings, in such a blissful month everyone urges to refresh their faith by recalling Allah and His Messenger. To help you recall Islamic teachings and the ideologies, our developers have compiled Ahadith e- Nabvi from one of the most authentic Hadees resources i.e. Bukhari Sharif and Sahih Muslim

Let us convince you to have Ahadith e Nabvi App in Your Mobile Phone

Love reading the sayings of your Holy Prophet?

Want to convince your friend but dont have authentic resources or books to support your argument?

Believe that remembering and reproducing Ahadith will spark your Eeman?

Newly reverted to Islam and are looking for the words of wisdom from your Holy Prophet (PBUH)?

Want to live your life according to Islamic teachings?

Either your answer toward these questions is yes or you agree at a single agenda, in each case we would ask you to give a look at our effort. This collection of Ahadith e- Nabvi and its enticing layout will let you have it in your phone forever.


Sahih Muslim & Sahih Bukhari

Sahih Muslim and Bukhari Sharif are the most trusted books, when it comes to authenticity of any Hadees, then these books are first point of reference. This App has assimilated large collection of Ahadith e- Nabvi from these two authentic sources.

Availability of Multiple Languages

Genre of this app may match with the preceding apps, however features will not. Giving serious concerns to English and Arabic, our developers have not overlooked the importance of Urdu language as well so if you are not familiar with English or Arabic, you may understand and read the stated hadees in Urdu.

Hadith of the Day

What should be the level of your Eeman when you get up new Hadith each day? Of course you would love to have such notification over your screen. Ahadith e Nabvi Mobile App will send you daily new hadees notification. In order to have notification all you will be required to set the time for notification, whether you want it in the morning, evening or before going to bed.

Keyword Search Filters

Often you want to find specific hadees, you keep on scrolling and after spending handsome time, you finally get what you want. Wouldnt that be better if you had search area to type, so that you could retrieve the desired hadees within seconds? For sure this would have been lot better. Ahadith e- Nabvi App gives you keyword based search so you may retrieve your desired information within no time.

Spread the Holy Sayings of PBUH

We do agree with Edith Wharton who says There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. We therefore added an astounding sharing feature so you may share your favorite Ahadith with your friends or to your followers on some of the widely used social channels like Facebook, etc. By doing so, you would not only help society but your kind deed will earn some fruit herein and hereafter.

Mark your favorite Hadees

Though every hadees is important and serve its purpose, however on some occasions one of hadees captives our heart so much that we want to read it again and again. In such an event, we have made it easy for you to access your favorite hadees with a single click. By tapping, mark your favorite, you are all set with your favorite hadees and now can read it even in the absence of internet.

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