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Gym of Tomorrow: Workout Coach for iOS

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  • 3D Interactive Exercise Guide.
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Developer's Description

3D Interactive Exercise Guide.

Gym of Tomorrow - 3D Exercise and Workout Guide

Free interactive sports encyclopedia designed by professional fitness trainers

This is a breakthrough sports / fitness / bodybuilding platform that utilizes the latest in 3D technology to enable guys and gals to exercise more safely, more efficiently and with more fun than ever before. It is designed with two goals in mind - to help you to educate yourself about many important aspects of training with great speed and to share that valuable knowledge with your peers with great ease.

The core of the Gym of Tomorrow is an interactive 3D application that lets you play and pause animations, rotate the scene around and zoom the view in and out in order to take a look at what really happens inside the body when you exercise. It enables you to take a peek into the body, ask smart questions and figure out meaningful answers. Because being fit is not about having muscles. It's about understanding your body and caring for it, it's about living in harmony with your physical self.

This app consists of three main tools: anatomy explorer, exercise database and training program scheduler.

Anatomy explorer is an interactive 3D map of human body using which you can quickly learn the structure of human locomotory system i.e. its bones and muscles. Knowing anatomy is equivalent to posessing a map of a city - you need to become familiar with basic anatomy so that your time spent in a gym doesn't turn into pointless wandering around. Such knowledge empowers you with X-ray vision using which you will be able to observe the shape and position of each muscle, to understand how your body responds to training and to sculpt it into a living statue.

Exercise database contains over a hundred hand-picked safe and effective exercises proven to work in practice. Animations respond to touch commands: they can be viewed from any angle / zoom level. In addition, muscles of interest can be selected by touch and explored in detail by hopping to anatomy explorer mode. 3D technology enables you to really understand the bio-mechanics of each exercise i.e. how bones and muscles operate in synergy to produce movement. You will learn why certain moves are more productive and safer than others, what traps there are to avoid and what goals there are to pursuit in each exercise, and what is the wisest training technique for each muscle.

Traning program scheduler lets you choose among various training programs designed by professional fitness instructors and sports coaches. It track your progress over time so that you will stay focused on your personal goals and fulfill your full potentials. The application is designed so that all of its parts are interlinked: it is effortless to jump from program scheduler to exercise database to anatomy explorer and remind yourself about a vital detail any time you need it.

Our wish for this project is that it acts as a high-tech spring board that launches you above the first and biggest hurdle - a lack of basic knowledge - into the world of fit, active and healthy living. Powerfull 3D technology lets you rapidly learn those facts that traditionally required sifting through tons of books. We guarantee that physical literacy you acquire will turn into a strong and happy body much more quickly than you may presume!

But no app is a replacement for books. There is quite a lot to know about human physique and some denser wisdom is still better conveyed in textual form. Because of that, we started a dedicated blog complementing Gym of Tomorrow, in which sports experts discuss important topics in greater depth. It's a bonus tresury box one click away.

Gym of Tomorrow can be used as an exercise encyclopedia with personal training planner inside your phone, or as a 3D community knowledge database.

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