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Stream Spotify From Your Phone to Your TV

Google's inexpensive Chromecast can make you a DJ and your home the club.

Apps in this Guide

Want to stream Spotify on your TV? Until recently, the only home-theater gadgets with the Spotify app were the PlayStation 3 and 4. We can now add the more

Want to stream Spotify on your TV? Until recently, the only home-theater gadgets with the Spotify app were the PlayStation 3 and 4. We can now add the Amazon Echo to that list, but that's still only three gadgets, the cheapest of which is $180. We have a better option: Play Spotify via your phone -- either iPhone or Android -- and the $35 Chromecast, with just a few setup steps and no finicky hacks.

Streaming Spotify with the Chromecast

Apps used in this guide

Google Cast (Android, iOS) allows you to use your Android or iOS as a remote control for the actual Chromecast device, which does not come with its own physical remote.

Spotify (Android, iOS) is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world (and it recently added videos and podcasts), and it's available on a wide variety of devices.

Set up the Chromecast

Many gadgets can stream media over the Internet to your TV. We chose the Chromecast because it's inexpensive and easy. It uses your phone or tablet as a remote control and content transmitter.

First, plug the Chromecast directly into an HDMI input on your TV or home theater receiver, and hook up the bundled AC power adapter. Then switch your TV to that input to get the Chromecast, your phone, and the Internet all talking to each other.

Second, get the Google Cast app ( Android, iOS). When you open the app, it will automatically scan for nearby Chromecasts. If you have your TV's input set to the Chromecast, you'll see a four-digit number you can use to identify it. Match that number to the one your app detects, tap it, and tap the button labeled "I see the code."


On the next screen in your app, you can rename the Chromecast, enable Guest Mode, and decide whether you want to send usage data and crash reports to Google. Guest Mode lets people stream to your TV with the Chromecast without you having to give them your Wi-Fi password.

On the following screen, enter your Wi-Fi password. Since you're doing this directly on your iOS or Android device, you can use your password manager to enter the password for you, rather than entering text on the TV using a bundled remote. Your Chromecast may search for and download an update at this point, then restart itself. At that point, click through a few screens that explain how Chromecast works, and you're done with setup.

Stream Spotify to your Chromecast

Last step: Install Spotify on your phone or tablet, if you haven't already. Then go to the Google Cast app, find the What's On tab, scroll down to the bottom, and tap Spotify.


When you play a song, Spotify will tell you at the bottom of the screen that devices are available. Tap that notice, then select your Chromecast to direct audio to your TV.

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