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Fastest Mobile Internet Browsers offers a list of the best browsers for Android and iOS.

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A growing number of iPhone and iPad users are looking beyond Safari, and Google Chrome (Android, iOS)more

A growing number of iPhone and iPad users are looking beyond Safari, and Google Chrome (Android, iOS) has legit competition on Android devices as well. When you go shopping for a new mobile browser, you need to consider factors like rendering speed, features and customizability, privacy, and ease of use.

How fast does it render?

No one wants to sit and wait for pages to load, especially on the go. That's why the faster pages load, the better. Google Chrome boasts the fastest page loading times in our tests.

How's the privacy?

Internet privacy is important, so you want to feel confident that you're not being tracked. That's why major browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox are incorporating private browsing modes. The standalone Firefox Focus (iOS) app is already configured for private browsing.

Which features does it offer?

Browsers can do so much more than show Web pages, if you know what you're doing. Chrome, Firefox (Android, iOS), and Safari let you create bookmarks for the sites you visit most, add extensions, add-ons, and plug-ins to customize your experience, check spelling, and more.

How attractive is the interface?

A pretty, easy-to-navigate browser goes a long way. If you spend so much time on it, you want to see an attractive, modern UI. Also, you want to be able to get to your bookmarks easily, or the settings area where you can delete your activity, so you can get back to browsing. For this, we always recommend Chrome.

Essential Mobile Browsers

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus


Firefox Focus blocks online trackers and ads, so you can browse anonymously -- and faster.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Browse fast on your phone and tablet with the Google Chrome browser you love on desktop.



Experience a fast, smart and personal Web.