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Guide for Horror Neighborhood for Android

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  • Horror Neighborhood mobile game is definitely meant for old school fans of the horror of the 80s and the 90s.
  • Last updated on 6/25/2020
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Developer's Description

Horror Neighborhood mobile game is definitely meant for old school fans of the horror of the 80s and the 90s.

Horror Neighborhood mobile game is definitely meant for old school fans of the horror of the 80s and the 90s. If thrill and horror chill is your thing, this game will get the creeping blood pump going and up that heart rate to dangerously high Also, having four difficulty levels gives the game the ability to accommodate a wider audience, to which its simple controls complement nicely. However, at Hard and Extreme level difficulties, this game will make you lose your mind. It definitely has adrenaline screaming fun potential

Short story about the game moving away from the usual narrative method where the story is just something that follows the gameplay to fill in the gaps, this game is actually played like a movie As we progress, we discover the story of the terrible ice cream seller, familiar to the people who played the first game in this game However, we also follow the story of a child who is mistreated and isolated at school and develop this hatred towards children

Guide about the ice cream seller is back in the neighborhood! He kidnapped your friend and you saw it

He chills your friend and takes him somewhere with the truck. Your friend went missing, and got worse. What if there were other children like him?

The ice cream vendor is child-friendly, but he has a plan, and you want to search anytime anywhere You all know that he gets them into the truck, however, you don't understand wherever they are going.

In this sequel, the ice cream man, is on the loose again and he has kidnapped a girl who is a friend of the main character we play. In fact, she is caught before our eyes, and we must act if we are to free her and save other children However, the sounds of terrible cries of ice are never dull

If you wish to get pleasure fantasy, horror, and fun, play currently The action and therefore the shouts square measure secure. Lets install Guide for Horror Neighborhood app now and enjoy With questions and answers from players who have experienced the game

Can you discover what this game is?

He can hear all your movements, however, you will hide and trick him, he will not see you Move to completely different situations with the truck and find out all its secrets Solve puzzles to rescue your friends and the action must be safe Play in ghost, traditional and arduous mode Get fun from an exciting thrill horror game while no bloody situations, suitable for all audiences!

Can you unravel the secret of your new neighbor? Get into his house and find all the answers? Gather all your courage to solve the mystery of a new neighborhood house with your friends

Each update can bring new content, fixes, and enhancements that support your comments.

EAT IT - Eat your cool cream

This Guide for Horror Neighborhood is informative This is not a Ice Scream Horror Neighborhood game and does not access any server.

They are legal and safe tips for obtaining free fun for Ice Scream Horror Neighborhood, which work today and will be renewed over time

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