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Genius Subliminal Messages Pro for Android

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  • Subliminal Dreams Messages - Using Voice Synthesis TTS.
  • Last updated on 1/28/2019
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Developer's Description

Subliminal Dreams Messages - Using Voice Synthesis TTS.

Subliminal Dreams Messages - Using Voice Synthesis TTS

Brand NEW software automatically motivates, empowers, and re-educates your mind to develop

Discover the only subliminal software that can help you to

Release limiting programming and beliefs

Open your mind to new possibilities

Follow through on your life's goals effortlessly

Activate the genius "other" of your brain

EASIER than affirmations... MORE powerful than hypnosis... FASTER than meditation...

Now imagine feeling that sense of ease and flow as youBypass the resistance that makes any goal Break down negative patterns installed subconsciously by others.Align thoughts with the underlying frequency of reality... and reality with your thoughts.Consistently move forward towards creating your life's purpose.

What Can 28,800 Positive Affirmations

Every Single Day Do For You?

Set Genius Subliminals Messages to zap a new affirmation to you at 1 second intervals and use your phone during an 8-hour shift, and that's exactly what you'll get... 28,800 unique chances to convince your mind whatever you want.

Even if you only use your phone for an hour each day, or 3-4 times a week... that's still 10,000 - 15,000 positive affirmations blasting through your conscious barrier, and echoed through your mind each week!

Are you starting to see the power ?

How can any other method of self-improvement compare?

And here's how easy it is for you to use...

As simple as 1...2...3... Just:

Add/select UNLIMITED affirmations

Set message interval --

Click "START", And Let It Work Its Magic!

Although it's "hidden", the magic will continue to work for you in the background...

Genius Subliminals Messages will automatically cycle through each of your selected affirmation , and display them randomly (to an equal weight) at an interval you define -- even whilst you're using your PHONE for other tasks !

Just think... Every Minute You're Using Your PHONE OR TABLET

Means Up To 60 New Affirmations Hitting Your

Brain... That's Over 150,000 In An Average Month!

It's truly the most powerful, time independent, effortless and EASY TO USE personal development and life betterment tool you're likely to ever find. Just think. Now every minute at your PHONE, means the chance to better yourself... reach your goals... attain your ambitions... and be the person you crave to be.

And, you'll achieve all of this with...

NO meditating! -- Did you know it takes the average meditation practitioner at least 3-5 YEARS before they see true results? With Genius Subliminals Messages, you get there in just a few weeks!

NO hypnosis! -- Forget strapping yourself to a pair of headphones and offering hours of your time to hypnosis. There's no need to dominate your time in this way! Genius Subliminals Messages frees your time... whenever you're using the PHONE, you're automatically in "therapy".

NO self-help books! -- How many more books will you read, that mask the same old concepts and say the same old things, in seemingly new ways? There's no need to waste a dollar more on books, or spend your time reading 300+ pages of psycho-babble.. just fire up your PHONE, and Genius Subliminals Messages does all the work for you!

NO expensive therapy! -- Why waste money on therapists who are in no better state than you? Genius Subliminals Messages leverages your own goals and dreams, and delivers the positive affirmations you need to create the self-belief to fuel fantastic new abilities inside you!

ENJOY this experience and customize your own messages Now!

You can manually add an unlimited number of messages throughout your day and help improve your Life.


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