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  • make lines cross in right spot.
  • Last updated on March 26, 2020
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Developer's Description

make lines cross in right spot.

Forrest Fenn (ff) quote: "The treasure is out there waiting for the person who can make all the lines cross in the right spot".

(watch the video at the "Developer Website" link below)

There is only one way to point to a specific "spot" on a map without a GPS coordinate. A way in which pilots used to use all the time, it is through "vectors", drawing lines between VORs so pilots could find where they were at while flying, then coordinate these vector lines with a map.

The poem can be telling us two things, a general solve, and a specific solve, the specific solve most likely is involving anchor points, in which we should draw lines between. ff is a "pirate" at heart so this probably means that there are two (or more) vectors creating a giant "X" marks a spot on a map.

The way the app works is you drag a pin on a map to a spot you want to investigate, and the app lists out every pair of "Anchor pts" (features from USGS) that goes through your pin point, with the distance from that pin. You can specify the maximum distance from pin in feet you want to include (an aperture).

The result is a spreadsheet of every coordinate pair, its name, it's lat/long, and its distance from the pin, and the maximum distance in miles of the two "Anchor pts" from the pin.

What are the anchor pts specifically? they are USGS map features. (like mountain peaks and lakes) Now that is not to say that ff only used these, and probably did not only use these, in that case, you can also create your own "features" by creating a name, and the app will create a new feature point at the current location of your pin.

The resulting spreadsheet can be of thousands of pairs, (depending on the radiuses used along with the aperture around the pin you use to include pairs, also what you turn on and off in the features to search). If you think ff hates "Craters" for instance, you can turn that type of feature off in your search.

This spreadsheet can then be color coded to your liking by searching and filtering to your hearts content using your favorite spreadsheet app.

You can then visualize particular anchor pt pairs, by drawing lines in mapping apps using the lat/long that the spreadsheet provides. (you can also visualize these pairs in the app)

Also in the app there is a preference to "lock" one of the anchor pts to a feature you think ff used... there by getting all of the paired pts that would create a vector through the pin with your locked feature. (including features that you've created)

Any user created features stay on the device and only you the user can see/use them. nothing is shared in the app, full on hard core privacy in other words.

(see privacy policy link at the "Developer Website" link provided below on this page)

Forrest Fenn (ff) quote: "You just have to think the right things".

This is where the app shines, because as you are filtering and color coding your spreadsheet, you will be reading through the anchor pt pairs, and a name of one of the anchor pts will strike you as having a "meaning" you never had thought of before. Bringing a whole life unto the line you are about to draw on a map.

This is where I found the most use of the app, literally hundreds even thousands of new "ideas" of different "thinking" pop up as you read through the list. You will for better or worse, leave the camp of "ignorance is bliss" in a none reversible break to the "other side" of actually finding ffs special spot.

The app will also let you produce a spreadsheet of a list of all features that you turn on in the preferences and at the radius from your pin that you specify. If for instance you want to see the names of all the Ridges and Lakes that are with in (for instance) 75 miles of your pin.

watch the video at the "Developer Website" link below to see all the included uses of the app and if you think it would be useful in your search. (and good luck in your search)

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