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  • Love in a Lost World.
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Developer's Description

Love in a Lost World.

A free to play visual novel type otome game in English with the theme survival and romance on a desert island! Survive the wilderness outside Japan with your ikemen!

"If you want to get out of this island alive, stay close to me."

You've been washed up on a desert island with hot ikemen guys...

This is a suspenseful romance dating sim game for both casual gamers and otaku who are thirsty for an extraordinary Otome game!

Enjoy the direct sequel to DEAD OR LOVE, a smash hit Otome game that has gained more than 200,000 fans from all over the world!


The luxurious cruise ship that you're on sinks.

The 14 survivors, including you, are washed up on a desert island.

Will you die or survive?

Together with charming ikemen with unique personalities, you face the island's conspiracies.

Escape is your goal, but dangerous traps set by an unknown perpetrator keeps coming your way.

What if an intricately designed trap is responsible for the sinking of the luxurious cruise ship!?

Will the path you're on lead you to the love of your life?

Unravel the mystery on the desert island with plenty of ikemen and get out of there alive!


The cool and stoic strongest soldier: Fenrir

"...It's dangerous here. Stay close to me."

A taciturn man who keeps pushing you away.

And yet, whenever you are in a bind, he will always come to your rescue.

The mysterious, impish, and sexy Wanted criminal: Joshua

"Hey, Eve. Want to try the forbidden fruit?"

An internationally wanted con-artist who deceives the rich.

Since meeting you on the desert island, you've been on his mind and he's been trying to seduce you.

The fierce, passionate, and reliable war doctor: Eiji

"Hey... What do you say we get on with the artificial respiration?"

An optimistic war doctor who's been on the battlefield before--at least, that's how his introduction goes. No one knows what his true goal is.

Reasons to try Eden of Ikemen

Discover the truth and get out of the desert island alive!

The luxurious cruise ship that you're on sinks for a mysterious reason and you're washed up on a desert island.

Is a contriving trap behind this incident?

You need to escape, but someone is eager to interfere!

Who is the criminal mastermind trying to bring you and your lover down?

You lost your memories.

You will retrieve them, piece by piece, as you proceed with the story and solve the mysteries.

Who are you?

Enjoy various perspectives of this tale and aim for the True Ending!

Enjoy thrilling romance with your ikemen boyfriend on the desert paradise!

"You know full well what we're about to do together... here on the desert island, right?"

You've been washed up on an island where an intense love story with one of the ikemen guys awaits you.

Be the Adam and Eve of the desert paradise with him and enjoy suspenseful romantic stories perfect for mature women

Immerse yourself in the story and enjoy the captivating BGM!

The soundtrack has been created to fit each situation!

Enjoy the game with unforgettable music for company

Get exclusive sweet scenarios through limited events

Plenty of exciting events await you!

Participate in the events to obtain sweet scenarios featuring your ikemen boyfriend!

Get cute avatars to charm him

Obtain avatars perfect for the desert island's everlasting summer!

Raise your ikemen boyfriend's affection, obtain gorgeous illustrations and intensely sweet stories, and aim for the True Ending!

Recommended if you...

Are tired of regular Otome games!

Like detective, mystery, and suspense genres!

Want to experience a love that is intense and exciting!

Want to enjoy a relationship with an ikemen!

Like male characters who are enigmatic, impish, or sadistic!

Want to enjoy romantic situations!

Like survival games!

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