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Before start earning you must keep in mind some useful tricks which will help you to earn more money and qualify for maximum survey panels online.

Here i am trying to convey you the interesting fact about online survey panels and which will increases your qualifying rate of your survey.

Read the basic rules carefully:

1.Don't create a self survey profile as your own:

Of course! May you have found this fact somewhere right? .Some other sources are claiming that you have to make the best profile based on their guidance to receive more possible surveys. They may instruct you to do like this, create like this, etc.. etc.. to get more payment from this survey sites. But these all messages are such foolishness. Based on my experience, if you don't create a self-profile of course, you will get chance to participate in more surveys.

I have created my clixsense profile during the genesis phase of my surveying career!. But it was such a time-consuming job and a lot of time i felt bore.

I was waiting for to get into many surveys and receives only 4-5 per day. And get failed in most of the time when i start surveying. Then i started researching on the site that how to get more surveys and how to get qualified in all those. Trust me, friends, finally i found that, you have to get into this sites from the reference of the members of these sites.

My friend has joined as my referee once, and from that time onwards he starts to receive almost 20-30 survey per day. The more study you receive per day will allow you to qualify for more review.

These are some necessary steps you should be careful before to start surveying:

Here are some qualifying questions the surveyor ask you to qualify for a survey.

visit here for additional tips, full site here

1) are you the primary decision maker of your household?

Answer: YES

2) Do you buy grocery for your house?

Answer: YES

3) Do you or someone in your household work in this Industry?


4) Did you participate in any market-related survey in this month?

Answer: NO

5) Do you have any land for Agriculture?

Answer: NO

6) What is your current employment?

Answer: Self-employed or Business Owner

7) Have you taken any flight in last 12 months?

Answer: YES

8) Have you watched TV Yesterday?

Answer: YES (But Don't select more than 3 - 4 TV shows)

Remember: Never give negative or harmful comments about any brand or product...

Clear your cookies and history after completing a survey

Examble for an ideal survay profile

Survey Profile : How to fill survey profiles

1) Relationship status : Married

2) Household Income : 3 to 3.49 million

3) Children : 2 ( mention their age )

4) Parental status : choose option 2

5) Primary Decision Maker : Yes

6) Pets - Choose any 4

7) Household size : more than 5

8) Household type : owned house

9) Employment status: Employed full time

10) Industry : Information technology

11) Household industry: IT / Telecommunication/software

12) Job title : C-level

13) Company Revenue : $ 1 billion or more

14) organization size : 1001-5000

15) Department : Technology development software

16) Company decision maker : software / Telecommunication

17) Car Use : Option 1

18) Electronics : Choose any 6

19) Gaming platform : Choose any 5

20) Air travel : Both

21) Confirmation : tick both box and click update profile...

You should be careful about the survey profile of yours on the surveying site. And attend the surveys based on that otherwise you may get rejected while the surveyor matching the survey participate by you and your profile.

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