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  • Super fun app for your fitness.
  • Last updated on 9/5/2020
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Developer's Description

Super fun app for your fitness.

Take your exercise routine to the next level with Dynetix Fitness, a health and fitness app that helps you get the most out of every workout with two advanced trackers for the price of one.

Whether youre walking, running, jogging, or cycling, this powerful and comprehensive tracking app turns your iPhone and Apple Watch into ultimate tools to keep you on track and challenge you to up your game. The app accurately tracks your fitness progress and goals, and can even play motivational music to make

your workout more pleasant. With just a few taps,

youre on your way to improving your fitness, health

and happiness.

Through detailed analytic reports and charts, all the details of your workouts are at your fingertips, allowing you to compare your exercise duration, miles completed, paces, steps or cadence (steps/minute), flights, heart rates and calories burned using analytical data, percentages and charts. Visualizing improvement is key for motivation, so let it guide you straight to the success!

Every fitness goal is within reach, and we can get you there. Set progressive goals for your workouts with this app, such as running a mile in 6 minutes or burning 300 calories, and enjoy rewards as theyre reached. The app alerts you with a sound and vibration when you hit a goal, so take a moment to pat yourself on the back. You did it! For each goal you meet, you also collect a badge to mark your success. All rewards and workout results can be saved, so you can see how far youve come over time.

Dont be shy about your achievements either! Post your workout results to Facebook or Twitter so your friends can congratulate you and share in your success. Be proud of your hard work and determination! Of course, when youre ready to challenge yourself even more, you can also join our leaderboard. Post your best results to the Dynetix Fitness Leaderboard and send/receive challenges to/from your friends for healthy competitions and better fitness.

This easy to use app is integrated with the Apple Health app and works independently on the iPhone and Apple Watch, providing features you wont get with Apple fitness and other fitness tracking devices/wearable.

* Use the app on either iPhone or Apple Watch, and

each saved session will be available on both devices

as well as uploaded to your iCloud account,

giving you access to your results no matter which

device you grab for your next workout.

* The GPS-routes feature depicts your travel paths in

real time and in analytic reports, showing where your

fitness goals were met and analyzing your walking

and running paces so you can see where you need

to improve in next session.

Note: continue use of GPS running in background

can dramatically decrease battery life.

* The iPhone app features a voice coach that analyzes

your results and advises you for your next workout.

* You can easily customize the app. For instance, track

steps or cadence, track flight up, down or both, and

add you own songs to the music playlist.

* Turn your Apple Watch into a heart rate monitor.

Simply set your desired heart rate, press start, and an

alarm will sound when you meet or exceed your limit

during your workout or daily activity.

* Voice inputs are also available on the Apple Watch, so

that you can define fitness goals, start fitness tracking,

and sync saved workouts with voice commands. It is

as simple as saying Run a mile, 6 minutes, 50 calories,

1000 steps, heart rate 100. Start! The app does the


The interface is simple on both apps, only requiring a few taps or a quick command before youre on the go. The real time information is concise so you can find what you need with a quick glance, even on the run. Whether youre just trying to stay on track or you need real data to upgrade your workout, Dynetix Fitness provides every feature you need to push yourself and get the best workout results of your life.

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