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  • Doodle art is one style, technique, how to create drawings by way of crossing out, and looks abstract, where the doodle image itself is...
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Doodle art is one style, technique, how to create drawings by way of crossing out, and looks abstract, where the doodle image itself is...

Doodle art is one style, technique, how to create drawings by way of crossing out, and looks abstract, where the doodle image itself is meaningful there is also not meaningful. This work usually has no clear and true shape but looks unique and interesting. The doodle works depict every creator's feelings, that we can see from every resulting stroke that goes unnoticed by our mind. By making doodle art also able to make our heart quiet.

By making it whole soul and feeling will produce more interesting work. Unique, and meaningful and it makes doodle work not just for style alone. Doodle art has been around for a long time. But it started sticking to the surface after many starts making it with the idea and the beautiful and beautiful masterpiece dipkamung. That is in ancient times, where the ancient cave people made it on the walls of the cave. Where doodling is used them to tell the story that happened for generations.

And in the present, doodle art is becoming more developed with an abstract and unique shape but has its own meaning and message born from its maker. And even unwittingly we've produced the work of doodle loh. For example, when bored and alone in class, we suddenly mencetat scrawled book or paper. That's what doodle art is.

In its development, doodle art became one of the elements of graphic design. We can see already rampant billboards, advertisements, posters, be it on tv or the mass media that use doodle art. Because the messages conveyed through this image will look more friendly, relaxed, humane as well. Everyone must have an imagination born of his mind. And that includes you who are studying this. Therefore why not we try to expel the imagination into the form of a work of doodle art.

Inspiration is one of the keys to making doodle art work for beginners or a professional. So start creating inspiration from your soul and mind. To do it is not as complicated as you think. Just use an event, action, feeling, or anything else in your neighborhood to be a doodle art work. And even a good idea sometimes comes out of nowhere when you're quiet or doing something.

Okay, once you get the inspiration you want to pour in doodle art artwork. Now we are heading to the process. The essence of the doodle art image is the collection of multiple images of some ideas and inspiration. So how to make it is by drawing these ideas and made into a unity of images, do not need a special concept really. For example, you use the idea of food. Food there are several kinds such as donuts, tarts, ice cream, and others.

Once you learn how to create a doodle art according to your imagination. Now we will move on to learn how to create doodle art according to theme. Learning doodle art according to the theme is a higher level again because our thoughts and ideas will be forced to follow the path of the theme, not the plot of the imagination of our minds.

Creating a doodle art image with an actual name is one of the easiest examples to create a doodle image. You can use your own name, friend, girlfriend, or family to apply. An example is like you can create your imagination combined with your imagination. Some ideas you can use in drawing a name-themed doodle.

Doodle art name is a doodle art art that blends the image of the doodle art monster itself with the writing inside. The combination of both will produce a unique doodle art, especially if the writing in it is his own name, or motivation sentence and so forth. Drawing doodle art animals is a pretty fun thing because in addition to many ideas of different kinds of animals. Also funny and adorable animal behavior will grow its own development for our doodle later.

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