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  • A skilled Doctor but an impatient Patient........
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A skilled Doctor but an impatient Patient........

A skilled Doctor but an impatient Patient....!!

Dr. Anupam Ghose, a physician by qualification was well known by his patients and colleagues to be a skilled and patient doctor. He was very health-oriented and lead an active and sporty lifestyle! He loved active sports like swimming, golf and even exercised hard! Anupam liked to cook and eat and especially try new cuisines. Net he was a happy man!

However, he took up a new profession and slowly sunk into a hectic, stressed, yet, sedentary work environment. As time progressed, his lifestyle changed from active, health-conscious and fit to sluggish, sedentary unhealthy and unfit. Binging and lack of exercise took over and this started showing in his physical appearance as well. He started looking double his age.

Then the Big Bang happened! Anupam was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) in 2017. This brought several questions in his mind. What had he done? What must be the cause? What will be the cure?

He had been a patient doctor...but now he had to become an impatient patient!

He sought answers to his questions in the form of extensive research and reading a lot about the cause and effect of T2DM. He tried several conventional medications, however, instead of finding a cure, he realized that he was becoming a slave to them and not to forget the side effects they were causing. Since he himself was the Guinea pig in this case, he then experimented by following a low carbohydrate high-fat diet!

After following this new diet religiously, he successfully reversed his T2DM within a year.

During the time Anupam was struggling with the effects of his disease, he had seen and come across several fellow patients who were facing tough times as he did. It dawned on him that being a doctor it was his duty to educate people and spread awareness about T2DM so that they could also be able to fight the disease out of their lives.

Since he was able to reverse his T2DM following a specific diet and an active lifestyle, now he is performing extensive research on it and expanding his knowledge on this particular topic. Now he has one main goal in life. Yes, it is to make people understand that the conventional method of treating T2DM is not beneficial. The best way to reverse and fight T2DM is through diet and lifestyle modification.

He decided to help people suffering from T2DM in their new journey by offering consultations and working together with them in order to achieve a T2DM free life.

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