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Knowledge Anywhere

We’re Knowledge Anywhere, an eLearning company that’s powering the future of online training. With over two decades in the industry, we offer comprehensive solutions that can power your business forward, helping to increase ROI, improve employee satisfaction, reduce turnover, quicken onboarding times, and make your learning process engaging. Over the years, we’ve provided over 3 million learners around the world with our training solutions, helping connect and train a global workforce. And even in an ever-changing world, Knowledge Anywhere remains committed to delivering the best customer service and tech solutions, making knowledge available anytime, anywhere. We pride ourselves on focusing on relationships. We want to be your learning partner - if we don’t have the answer, we’ll help you find it. We offer many products, which can help you reach your goals. Our Learning Management System, or LMS, is a centralized learning platform where Administrators can assign, track, and analyze training material assigned to learners. This includes Webinars, Instructor-led training, Assessments, Certifications, badges and more! Course Development has courses designed with you in mind, whether that be off the shelf or custom. We also provide virtual reality, or VR, for any companies looking for an all-encompassing experience. Scormify is our own SCORM conversion tool, which instantly transforms learning objects, such as documents, videos, or PDFs, into SCORM-compliant training materials. QuickQuiz is a Slack app that easily and quickly allows Administrators to manage, assign, and track quizzes through Slack, for microlearning. Lastly, Conveyor is our newest product. A smart Learning content distribution system, or LCDS, this tool allows organizations to manage training content from a single, central location and easily share access to courses with third-parties.