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Kitty Pad focuses on learning games for ages 2 to 12 years old. Our philosophy is simple: build games your child will enjoy playing over and over while learning the philosopyies introduced in the game. Our unique game design encourages repeated play, which in turn reinforces the child's newly developed skills. Our games grow alongside your child. Each one is designed to present new challenges and concepts as the children progress from introductory games to more complex and sophisticated games. We have carefully chosen each step in each game to ensure your child is motivated to complete each level and move to the next level. And each game complements the others in our portfolio. You child can learn words, move onto numbers, change difficulties and move forward with his/her pace. We believe the most important aspect in learning is the FUN FACTOR!!! That's why all our games incorporate interesting characters, scenery, sounds, rewards and navigation choices from screen to screen. We know that a child will continue to play these games because they are fun. But they will also be gaining confidence in their skills and abilities through the repeated play. This will be our secret. Don't tell them! Kitty Pad is a team of highly motivated, energetic and technically accomplished designers, engineers and education consultants who understand child development and computer gaming. This combination of skills and learning experience has produced these remarkable learning tools for your children.

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