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Dension DAB control for iOS

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Key Details of Dension DAB control

  • for your DAB in car device.
  • Last updated on 11/27/2019
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Developer's Description

for your DAB in car device.

Dension DAB control

Use your smartphone to listen and manage your favourite DAB radio stations! The Dension DAB control is an easy-to-use DAB application for DAB+A and DAB+M devices. After installing your DAB device properly, let the application connect to it. The scanning starts automatically and when its done you already have all the available stations listed on your screen. You prefer customizing the stations list? You can do so with us!

What we offer

- You can set up the FM frequency manually or automatically.

- Manage stations as you like: customize your favourites list, youre in charge!

- Know your stuff! The Now Playing screen has all the information about the currently played DAB broadcaster and programs.

- Multiple source option: switch among DAB, AUX, and hands free sources.

How to start

Open the application and make sure that your DAB+M or DAB+A is powered on. When all these conditions are met, the app connects to the nearest Dension DAB device automatically.

After the connection, the application will switch to the Manage Station screen and do a scan automatically so you will see all the available stations listed.

In case of first usage, you need to do some basic settings before you can listen and enjoy DAB music.

Setting FM frequency

First of all, you need to seek for a free FM frequency on your car radio. If you found one where you do not hear other stations, you need to go into the Set things menu of the application and tap on Frequency.

In the pop up menu you can set the same frequency. After you click on the tick logo, you should hear the DAB on the radio on that frequency, also you should see the name of the currently played DAB station on the display of the radio as RDS.

You can also use automatical frequency set up if you tap on the little magnifying icon on the top left corner of the pop up menu. In this case the device automatically searches for free FM frequency and sets the device there. After that you will see the exact frequency in a pop up menu and the app will drop you back to the Set things menu.

Manage station:

This menu is where you can list all of the available DAB stations in alphabetical order.

The application allows you to set unlimited favourite stations. In order to do so, you need to swipe the channel to the left then click on the yellow heart icon. The favourite stations will be marked with a yellow line on the right side and the currently played station is marked in a yellow background.

The order of the favourite stations can be selected by the user. You just need to drag and drop your favourite station to the place where you would like to see it.

All of this information is stored in the application on the phone which means all users can have personalized favourites list of their own.

Removing stations from the favourites is the same process as you added it. You just need to swipe it to the left and tap on the yellow heart.

In the Manage stations menu you can start a DAB scan by tapping on the refresh icon in the bottom right corner of the display.

If you press the play icon, you can go directly to the Now playing screen.

Now Playing

In this screen you can get all of the information sent by the currently played DAB broadcaster, and you can also see the logo of the station.

Managing Sources

With the 4th button on the main screen, you can select from different sources. If you tap on the bottom left icon on the main screen, it will show the active source.

In case of AUX or BT audio source, you will see only the logo of the source in the Now Playing menu.

The Manage stations will be active in case of all sources and if you select a DAB station the source will switch to DAB automatically.

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