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Key Details of DaVinci Notes

  • Create and Collect Ideas.
  • Last updated on 11/27/2019
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Developer's Description

Create and Collect Ideas.

Are you curious and like to journal interesting things you see or read? Do like to brainstorm ? Do Ideas strike you when you are away from the office that you just have to jot down?

Well here is an all new 5-in-1 app that lets you log your thoughts and activities in every form possible!

DaVinci Notes is 5 useful apps rolled into one, to help you create and collect ideas.

Why we created the app

Idea creation and collection is never a sequential process. Ideas develop in fits and starts over time. People also like to record ideas and concepts in different formats: Sketches, Diagrams, Lists, MindMaps, Annotated Photos etc.

It is annoying to have to switch between special purpose apps for all these thinking modes. So we created DaVinci Notes to address this need.

Innovators and creative people throughout history have kept journals to record useful ideas and insights about the world around them. We believe, if DaVinci was alive today, he would have kept his ideas in a smartphone too. This is the device we carry with us at all times!

Here are the 5 Modules that comprise the app.

Modules in Introductory Release

1.A Searchable Journal to keep a record of everything

2.A Sketch and Photo Annotation Module. The photo can be taken live with the camera or from your saved albums.

3. An IdeaMap Module for Brainstorming , Problem Breakdown and Seeing Connections between issues and concepts

4. Note or Topic Pages when you need more than a single paragraph

5. A Task Board to keep track of your Todo Lists at a glance.

Sketches, Annotated Photos and IdeaMaps:

These can be included in a Journal Post or in a Note Page. These sketches and maps can be edited and reposted back as updates to the Journal Entry

Annotation /Labeling in Sketches and Photos

We believe annotation and labeling is very useful to make your ideas and sketches much more informative.

Hand written labeling in drawing apps can be really hard, especially on small screen sizes like the smart phone.

In DaVinci Notes you tap where you want the label and type it in or say it to let SIRI convert your voice-to-text to type it in.

It makes annotation legible and easy on a small screen like the smart phone and makes your sketch or photo much more informative.

Ideation and Brainstorming

Idea Maps are very useful during the ideation phase of any project. They enable you to see connections and groupings. More importantly they allow you to freely rearrange by dragging and allow you to refine your ideas and concepts.

Use cases: Idea Maps for planning content for any deliverable, Analyze Pros and Cons, Root Cause Analysis, Work or Problem Breakdown, Diagram Processes and Communication Sequences, State Diagrams etc...

Unlike stand alone MindMap apps you can:

- post Idea Maps to the Journal

- easily add labels to connectors

- draw free form shapes

Privacy and Sharing

Journal entries are only stored on your device and private to you. They are not saved on any cloud servers unless you decide to share the information in your posts via Email or Posts to your favorite social platforms.

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