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Commute Recorder late9 for iOS

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  • Install Commute Recorder late9 on your iOS device.
  • Last updated on 5/22/2020
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Install Commute Recorder late9 on your iOS device.

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Commute recorder I went to work.

User input information is stored only on the user's mobile phone and is not transmitted anywhere.

Two important features have been added in the new version.

1) It is possible to handle the work record that goes beyond one day, so it can be used by two shift workers.

2) Even when there are two or more places to go to, you can manage multiple times.

Even if you work part-time, you can manage your commute at various workplaces by registering a new workplace.

This app sends your commute record to your designated email and your email.

You need to complete the time stamp twice a day and you can only process today's information.

You can not change your commute record, and you can not re-enter past information.

I check my regular attendance status at work, and I check my late arrival.

When you leave the office, you should check your regular work hours, early leave, and late nights.

You can handle it manually if you go to work at a business other than the head office.

Please set the time and attendance information according to your company.

The hourly rate is used to calculate the expected salary.

The night shift is applied after leaving the set time.

For example, if qutting time is 18 o'clock and have 3 hours of overtime, you must leave after 21:00 to apply night shift.

The attendance information is sent by text message and the exit information is sent by email.

You can see the commute history of the current month (the previous month) and the expected amount of the compensation.

The commuting button is visible when you are within 30 meters of a given location.

We recommend that you use it at a workplace of 10 or fewer.

In order to receive email, you must be subscribed to Gmail and specify an email address.

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