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Key Details of CODEX Vol. 2

  • CODEX Vol.2 is the second interactive multilingual puzzle game book in the series SEALED BOOK PROJECT.
  • Last updated on October 7, 2020
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Developer's Description

CODEX Vol.2 is the second interactive multilingual puzzle game book in the series SEALED BOOK PROJECT.

CODEX Vol.2 is the second interactive multilingual puzzle game book in the series SEALED BOOK PROJECT. Its a sequel to PRAELUDIUM and is filled with riddles, codes, strange symbols, ancient languages, conspiracy theories and many other exotic secrets.

It is suitable for people of all ages who love the excitement of reading novels in that genre - Mystery / Thriller / Suspense / Adventure



Completely new riddles hiding the names of ancient wisdoms, magical objects and age-old rites. Youll have the opportunity to get to familiarize yourself with mystical and special things few people in the world have ever heard of.


Prepare yourself for the moment when EXTRA RIDDLE will pop up on your screen an additional page containing a very special riddle. Dont hurry to close the window because if you find out the correct answer and email it to us, youll get not just one but a whole TWO prizes-surprises, and completely free of charge too!


CODEX is considerably longer than PRAELUDIUM and offers several more exciting hours of reading.


The piano album includes 10 original pieces composed, played and recorded especially for CODEX. Its music has been inspired by authentic ancient melodies that have survived through the ages and are still played and sung at the places where the events in this book are set. Portions of these songs youll be able to hear while reading but if you decide to support us and buy our GRATITUDE PACKAGE, youll get exclusive access to the Gallery and will be able to enjoy the entire works as much and as long as you wish.

This is their world premiere and youll have the privilege to be the first to hear them!


10 new, hand painted and mystery-veiled portraits of all the important characters in CODEX. They, too, are in the Gallery and if you want their faces revealed, buy our GRATITUDE PACKAGE and see what they look like.


The story is getting even more complicated as Zo and Marc set out on a journey that takes some unpredictable turns, one which will lift the curtain on some secrets but will also place a number of unsuspected obstacles in their way.

The two will travel across ancient lands soaked in the histories of many civilizations, in search of the answers they have been after all along. On their long and dangerous quest, Marc and Zo will witness and experience things whose existence they never imagined: mystical rites, ancient legends, magic rituals and inexplicable events.

CODEX is that part of the story whose new, extremely specific and intriguing riddles are directed specially to those truly devoted to discovering the unknown. They will experience not only the pleasure of solving them but also that of learning many new things.


We want to challenge the readers by offering them the opportunity of personal involvement in the action by means of some special options for solving numerous puzzles, decrypt embroidered codes, rebuses, and ciphers, musical and visual riddles that are an integral part of the story.

Specially created for the book - sounds, images, music, and graphics reinforce the overall effect and give a specific and different interactive experience, which is a pleasure for both intellect and perceptions.


1. A multidimensional concept, unique of its kind

2. Completely free of charge to download, read and play

3. Available 6 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian.

4. Inspired by a true story

5. Real places

6. Impressive graphics

7. Piano soundtrack with original music

8. Exciting sound effects

9. Intuitive approach and easy to use

10. Special extras in the GRATITUDE PACKAGE

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