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CLOSER by Richie Hawtin for iOS

By MinusFree

Key Details of CLOSER by Richie Hawtin

  • Interactive audiovisual app.
  • Last updated on 7/11/2020
  • There have been 9 updates

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Developer's Description

Interactive audiovisual app.

CLOSER is an interactive audiovisual platform designed to bring greater transparency to the underlying art of DJing by exploring Richie Hawtins ongoing CLOSE concert series. The unique vertical layout provides three distinct visual perspectives from the performances crowd view, stage setup and equipment close-ups. Each panel offers different interactions including multiple camera angles, the ability to listen into separate audio channels and real-time track information.

The App features Hawtins new audiovisual mix experiment CLOSE combined which intertwines three CLOSE live performances from 2018. The release contains music from Charlotte de Witte, ANNA, and many more, along with additional live production created with Hawtins onstage arsenal of effects, drum machines and analog synthesizers. Working together with long-time visual collaborator Ali Demirel, the mix combines multiple camera & audio feeds from the three unique performances, Paris, London & Glasgow, and twists fact into fiction emphasizing Technos spontaneous and creative energy.

In addition to CLOSE combined, new content from future performances will be delivered through the app, creating an ever-evolving audiovisual archive of material for users to interact with, continuously redefining itself and challenging the way we consume and experience music.

Richie Hawtin states: I believe that as our scene has become more popular, the definition of DJing has become more narrow. I want to be as transparent as possible in how, why and what I play in order to bring focus onto the intuitive spontaneity that is at the heart of a great DJ performance. CLOSE combined and CLOSER continue my exploration into my own creative tendencies and invite my fans along to get closer to the instinctive impulses that drive my creativity

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