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  • Your business plan summarizes what your business does, and what your business goals are.
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Your business plan summarizes what your business does, and what your business goals are.

Your business plan summarizes what your business does, and what your business goals are. It discusses what the market opportunity is, what makes your business unique and how you will achieve success.

In this business plan free course you will learn how to write your business plan in the best manner.

In just 10 short and easy to read lessons we will talk about:

1. Why writing a business plan is necessary? Writing the plan helps you think about what you are doing. The plan develops your approach and action plan over the following one to three years, or sometimes even longer. As part of the process, you must establish concrete goals and strategize how you can meet your goals.

2. How to write your business plan? The plan should consist as much detailed information as possible. But do not include all the detail in the plan. Leave out the detail for operational or marketing plans. This business plan free guide will show you the way.

Keep it professional - Apply a cover on it. Make room for a contents page, along with a page and section numbering. Begin with an executive summary. This outlines the key points, introducing the objective of the business plan. Make use of charts should you find it helpful.

3. Business and products part of the business plan - Discuss the history of the business, Explain your product or service without using technical jargon, In general, what makes your product or service unique? what advantages does it provide? What are its drawbacks and how will you resolve these? What modifications and improvements are you planning? Discuss any primary features of the industry. It is a big part of your business plan and of your business.

4. How to write about Market and competition in your business plan - Describe the market youre involved in Emphasize the sections of the market in which you participate. What are the main attributes of customers in each section and what determines their purchases? Describe the nature and distribution of existing customers, Summarize the main competition. All discussed in this business plan free course.

5. Marketing and sales of a business plan - Where do you locate your product or service in the market place? Is it good quality and expensive price? Is it promoted as a specialized product because of a specific component? How does your pricing policy works? How do you advertise your product or service? How does your selling process work? In this business plan free course will explain in details.

6. Management and personnel of your business- Create the structure and vital skills of the management team and the workers, Evaluate the employees in regard to total numbers and by department, Be realistic about the dedication and determination of the workforce

7. Operations side of your business plan writing - Look into the capacity and effectiveness of your procedures, and the plotted developments. What premises does the business have? What production facilities are accessible and how is production plotted? What management information systems are in place? All explained in our business plan free course, under lesson 7.

8. Financial performance - Your financial projections in the business plan interpret what you have stated about your business into number figures. Outline historical financial information for the last three to five years if accessible, Present forecasts for the upcoming three (or even five) years, Place detailed financial forecasts in an appendix at the end, Make use the cash flow forecast to anticipate any financing requirements.

9. SWOT analysis - A SWOT analysis is an evidence that you really have knowledge about your business and the key external factors that you must overcome. Layout a one-page evaluation of strong points, weak points, opportunities and risks.

10. Summery and everything else you need, in the last lesson of this course free business plan writing course.

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