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Breathscape: Deep Breathing for iOS

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Key Details of Breathscape: Deep Breathing

  • Transforms breath into music.
  • Last updated on February 22, 2024
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Developer's Description

Transforms breath into music.

Breathscape promotes meditation, anxiety reduction, relaxation, and sleep induction through deep slow breathing supported by auditory biofeedback. Using only a smartphone, this software connects you with your breath and supports healthy abdominal breathing patterns in a way that has been described as effortless. By hearing music generated by your own breath, in real-time, you become more aware of your respiratory rhythm and naturally begin to take slower, deeper breaths.


Breathscape tracks the motion of your breath using only your phone and generates a custom and immersive musical experience in real-time. Simply sit or lie down and place you phone against your stomach such that your breath gently tilts the device. The apps algorithm automatically detects the range of motion and the movement of the breath conducts the melodies of angelic voices, stirs wind chimes, and gives rise to the sweeping sound of ocean waves. Weve meticulously captured audio samples, ranging from studio recordings of a master violinist to field recordings of natural ambience. Every session is entirely unique, and the breath conducts the symphony.


*Three endlessly expanding musical worlds to explore, generated by your breath in real-time!

*Two algorithmic guided layers - a gentle voice that responds differently every time!

*One Sleep induction guided meditation

*End-of session breath analytics

*In-app encouragement messaging

*Create session reminders around your schedule.


Many mindfulness traditions encourage practitioners to sit silently and bring attention to their breath, which is simple but not at all easy. Its natural even for an experienced meditator to become distracted as the mind begins to drift. Breathscape makes meditation easier by engaging the mind with music that effortlessly guides awareness back to the breath. This process is immediately intuitive, engaging, and deeply relaxing. Many users have reported deep feelings of peace and clarity, the rapid attainment of altered states of consciousness, and full out-of-body experiences. Breathscape is truly an app that must be experienced in order to truly be appreciated.


Were providing access to this technology at no cost for a limited time.


I feel like I've just done 2 hours of deep meditation and it was only 5 minutes."

Cecelia Elan

Wow, I just did a five minute session when I was feeling kind of incapacitated with anxiety and, yeah, Breathscape really works, holy s**t. I just texted a couple people about how great I feel.

Daniel Cooper

Breathscape is great for migraines - literally changing my world. I LOVE THIS APP!!

Geri Mason, PhD

The most transcendent app Ive ever experienced.

Justin Mayfield

My patients have said that they experience more connection to joy, creativity and relaxation as a result of the Breathscape experience... There is nothing else like it.

Amy Coleman, CEO Wellsmart

Using the app feels like stepping into another, more peaceful, world. I have been meditating for 17 years, and am a long-time user of Headspace and Calm, but Breathscapes multi-sensory elegance puts it in a league of its own when it comes to meditation apps.

Rev. Jonathan Rogers

I have had anxiety my whole life: Breathscape is the first time I have felt open to a whole new level of being. I felt connected to the universe and my breathing, which allowed my perception to reach another dimension.

Debrah Farentino, Actress

What happened to be a 20 minute meditational experience felt like an hour of serene, uninterrupted journey of peace. As I opened my eyes, I felt a flow of energy surging in my body with a sense of euphoria as if I had traveled back in time to fill the void in my memories.

Jimmy Lam, Industrial Designer

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