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BrainPuzzleGame Brain Power Up for iOS

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Key Details of BrainPuzzleGame Brain Power Up

  • More than 10 types of puzzle games and brain training games are installed...
  • Last updated on 3/19/2020
  • There have been 2 updates
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    Clean (it's extremely likely that this software program is clean)

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Developer's Description

More than 10 types of puzzle games and brain training games are installed...

More than 10 types of puzzle games and brain training games are installed!

Complete version of brain training game with more than 10 types of puzzle games and brain training games has appeared!

Let's compete with ranking players around the world with points you can earn by clearing the game!

"BrainPuzzleGame" includes a lot of popular and famous games such as "Tower of Hanoi" and "computing game" to original games!

Mini games and puzzle games, numeric games, brain training games are going to increase continuously in the future!

How to play "BrainPuzzleGame"

Let's earn points by playing various puzzle games, mini games, brain training games such as number games!

Earn points further according to ranking when becoming top ranking in the game!

Let's aim for the top ranking in the number of points earned by total!

Equipped with a ranking function to compete with the score of the game with the user who became a friend with the friend registration function!

"BrainPuzzleGame" is such an application!

A free application that can solve popular puzzle games and numeric games and brain train in a short time!

Because it can solve various brain games such as Hanoi tower and touch number, reflex nerve game, it is best for preventing brain trash and blurring!

There are also games that used a wide field of vision, and expectation of visual acuity recovery effect is also expected!

It is not a time-consuming puzzle game like illustration logic, crosswords, Nanpure, but a simple puzzle game, perfect for a little spare time!

A game that you can challenge players all over the world in vacant time!

It can be fun to prevent blurring and speed up rotation of the head while doing a brain training game that also becomes a gymnast of the head!

Solve free number puzzle games and mini games and compete with friends in ranking with your friends!

Touch the numbers in order Touch The number and 2048 can be enjoyed for free as a classic game like 2048 prevents blurring too!

A mini game collection that collects points by playing hoax game such as slide puzzle and tower of Hanoi!

You can train your right brain and left brain while competing with friends on casual game score!

A game that you can aim for rejuvenation of the brain while playing free brain game and fun game!

Head gymnastics Puzzle games, brain training games and brain games are played as much as you can, so you can speed up the rotation of your head!

Prepare for dementia with right brain training and blur prevention game!

"BrainPuzzleGame" is recommended for this one!

People who want to play brain training games and blur prevention games for free

People who want to play many kinds of brain training games everyday

People who want to compete with other players in head gymnastics or brain game

Grandpa and Grandma who want to do simple brain training in puzzle game

People who got tired of the application which can only play one kind of game such as illustration logic and crossword

People who want to play multiple mini games for free, such as slide puzzles and numbers (number matching) games

People who want to increase their friends by playing brain training and right brain training

Anyone looking for a brain training game anyway

People who want to win every day in the brain training game

Tap numerals sequentially with your finger Numeric game can be played Seniors looking for a free blurring prevention game application

Have not you experienced this?

I installed a casual game to kill time but I got tired of monotony

I did popular puzzle game as brain training and head gymnastics but it does not last long

I wanted to play a number game like number touch (touch the number) and number matching (number matching) with one application

Tower of Hanoi and Touch The Numbers (Number Touch) Other, slide puzzle etc. Installing multiple brain training games and the capacity of the smartphone is exhausted

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