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Boogie Bot - Coding for kids - Learn Programming for iOS

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  • Pay once and play forever. No in-app purchase.
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Developer's Description

Pay once and play forever. No in-app purchase.

** Pay once and play forever. No in-app purchase.

** No ads.

** All future updates are free.

** Volume discount available for schools and educational institutions.

Boogie Bot is a fun and interactive learning app which will introduce kids to computer programming using Blockly - Google's visual programming language. In this app, kids will program a robot to dance, using coding blocks, which will help them learn about programming logic and concepts before diving into complex syntax. Boogie Bot makes learning easy by engaging kids in an interactive way which will provide creativity as well as structure, both of which foster learning.

This app is popular in many schools across the country.

What will kids learn -

* Algorithmic Thinking a way of getting to a solution through the clear definition of the steps.

* Sequential Processing involves consecutive and ordered execution of code.

* Parallel Processing involves the concurrent or simultaneous execution of code.

* Pattern Recognition and Looping a way of identifying similarities between things and using loops to repeat them instead of specifying them again and again.

* Conditional Statement a set of rules performed if a certain condition is met.

* Abstraction a way of separating and hiding the complex part of the instruction.

* Use of variables a more advanced concept that allows you to maintain information which can be retrieved by its name.

What can kids do -

- Learn to code with coding blocks.

- Understand programming concepts.

- Learn to think algorithmically and use advanced concepts.

- Earn coins for a job well done.

- Take video recording of the dance they create.

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