Last week, we brought you Part I of our keeping users happy series, based on several years' worth of feedback that we have received from our site users.

Here are some additional guidelines to ensure customer satisfaction with your product.

  • It offers thorough support documentation. Ideally, the user will never need to consult this, but if they do, they are likely already frustrated. Having incomplete, insufficient, overly technical, or hard-to-find troubleshooting tips will only compound that frustration and may make the user look for another program. At minimum, you should provide a detailed, clearly presented, easily accessible FAQ section. This can be a manual installed locally on the user's machine, or a "Help" link in the software itself that points to a webpage knowledge base. It should describe all the basics (i.e. how to use the software), as well as provide troubleshooting suggestions for all known bugs and potential issues. If there is no support of any kind, users are likely to look for another product.

  • It is easy to contact you for help. If your program is a pay-for product, there is an absolute expectation of timely, reliable tech support, ideally provided at no additional cost. Even for free applications, it is highly appreciated and could certainly give you an edge over the competition. At the very least, provide a dynamic, up-to-date FAQ section, and consider creating a Web forum where users can work together on troubleshooting issues. You can also create support channels on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

  • It is easy to uninstall. Naturally, you want users to keep your program installed (and following the above guidelines, as well as those from last week, may make that more likely). But if they choose to remove it, the uninstall process should be quick and painless and should remove all components of the program. Otherwise, users will be left with a bad impression, which they may choose to share.

We hope this information is helpful, and we look forward to listing your software on our site.

What other product attributes do you think are important for your users?

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