Upload Community,

I have some important changes to share with you regarding our Upload.com listing packages. The headline is, effective March 27, 2012 there will be one listing package and it will be free. In the coming days you will receive detailed communication about this change, but for now, here are the key points:

The new service listing package
Everyone who utilizes Upload.com will get 3 day processing, 3 day turn around on support questions, the ability to show 12 screenshots, the ability to display any "buy-now" link, and enablement of publisher keywords.

Why the change?
We (Download.com) want to provide comprehensive service and valuable tools, via Upload, to all developers. On the tools side we have projects in the works around our general UI, reporting dashboard and bidding system, and you'll hear more about these projects in the coming months. On the service side, we felt it was important to provide something valuable and sustainable, and make it free so that there would be no barrier to engagement.

What if I have questions about the change?
This change will likely bring about "what if" questions. What if I have more than 12 screen shots, what if I want faster processing time, what if I've never used any of these services and now want to, etc. Below is an FAQ link that answers every question we could anticipate. And because there will likely be questions we didn't anticipate, there is an e-mail alias that you can send questions to.

Thanks for reading and keep a heads up for further communication coming soon.


FAQs: http://cnet-upload.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2093/
Email questions to: upload-subscriptions@cbsinteractive.com

Julie is managing editor of Download.com and has been cooking up tech editorial since 1996.