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Google tests Chrome memory update to rapidly reload previously visited web pages

Google Chrome (download for iOS or Android) is the world's most popular web browser by a comfortable margin, and it didn't get there through branding, marketing or strong-arming. Chrome reached this point in part because it's had a reputation for being fast from the very beginning. Getting pre-installed on billions of Android phones probably didn't hurt either, but the browser's ascendance began before Android had substantial market share.

That said, Chrome's deft touch doesn't come easy, and its rival... Read More »

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Firefox to add Windows Hello for password-free logins at supported websites

Firefox is taking a new step toward a password-free future.

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The next major release of Firefox, version 66, will add support for Microsoft's Windows Hello authentication, according to Mozilla and as first reported by Techdows. With Firefox currently on version 65, this means Windows Hello will land in the browser around mid-March.

Introduced in Windows 10, Windows Hello is Microsoft's attempt to eliminate, or at least... Read More »

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5 tips and tricks for Google Chrome on Android and iPhones

With Google Chrome dominating over every other web browser on the planet these days, odds are that you're already using it to read this article. Because of that, you probably don't need a generalized guide on how to use it.

That said, Chrome is a constantly evolving platform, with a new version coming out about every ten weeks. (In fact, you can check out the upcoming Android dark mode right now in the "Canary" testing version). Because of Google's rapid-release... Read More »

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5 tips and tricks for Mozilla Firefox on Android and iPhones

While Google Chrome is far and away the most popular mobile web browser in the world, it does have some limitations, such as the unavailability of add-ons and the absence of a dark mode. But despite its many competitors that fill these gaps and others, it remains overwhelmingly dominant.

Among its rivals, Mozilla is one of the few major ones that uses its own programming code on mobile devices. The remaining challengers mostly use Chromium, the open-source codebase maintained by Google... Read More »

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Mozilla Firefox maker joins Scroll's ad-free news site network initiative

If you want to run a news website, there are two main ways to pay the bills: ad revenue or subscriptions. Ads are the easier path, because it doesn't require the reader to sign up for anything, and you can pitch it as something that's free to use at any time. But with a small number of companies controlling the vast majority of the internet ad economy, more news publishers are turning to subscriptions to achieve long-term stability.

VentureBeat reports... Read More »

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Many popular health apps found to be sending Facebook sensitive customer data

If you've been observing the continual chain of debacles at Facebook since the Cambridge Analytica scandal started making headlines in 2017, then you've probably picked up a lot about how the social network's advertising model works. For those who haven't, there are generally two kinds of ads: Those that induce demand for a product, and those that respond to a perceived demand.

The kind that responds to demand needs a lot of customer data to make accurate guesses about a... Read More »

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How to Add Google Chrome's web browsing history to your Windows 10 Timeline

The Windows 10 Timeline offers quick and easy access to your recent documents, images and web pages. In the past, Microsoft has officially supported only its own Edge browser in the Timeline. But now a new extension expands that support to Google Chrome.

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Introduced with the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, the Timeline is designed to help you access recent files without having to hunt for them through File Explorer. The Timeline displays... Read More »

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Microsoft launches free Office app for Windows 10 to help improve productivity

Microsoft has unveiled a new and free Windows 10 app directed toward anyone who uses its Office suite, either the paid or free version.

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Known simply as Office, the new app is an update over the previous My Office app. The intent is the same, but the new version sports a cleaner design and easier access to your Office programs and files. The new app displays icons for... Read More »

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How to make the most of Google Docs on Android and iPhones

While Google Docs has risen to become one of the most popular word processors around, there's more to it than what you can do with a keyboard and mouse. The app for iOS and Androi has a number of interesting tricks up its sleeves -- and a few unexpected limitations that you won't find in the web app version that's optimized for internet browsers.

Let's show you how to make yourself look like a Google Docs wizard, no... Read More »

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Epic Games Store currently giving away Thimbleweed Park retro adventure game

When the Epic Games Store launched at the end of last year, one of its promises was to give away one game every two weeks throughout 2019. It was and is an effective way for a game store to generate some headlines -- and you arguably need all you can get when Steam has such an oversized presence in the PC game marketplace.

So far, Epic Games doesn't seem to have had much trouble holding up its end of... Read More »

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