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Apple Music Connect gets shut down due to lack of interest

While Apple Music has been quite successful by anyone's standards -- though it certainly gets a boost as a featured and pre-installed app on every iPhone and iPad on the store shelf -- not every aspect of the company's music streaming competitor to Spotify (download on iOS or Android) has been a smashing success.

Today, music industry news site Billboard reports that Apple quietly notified artist that Apple Music Connect is getting shut down, effective immediately. Connect was... Read More »

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Tumblr returns to App Store after being banned for hosting child pornography

Tumblr is alive and well in Apple's iOS App Store once again as the deadline looms for a ban of all "adult" content.

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In an update to its Help Center, Tumblr confirmed the iOS app's reappearance on December 12, saying that it was again available for download in the App Store and thanking people for their patience. The return of Tumblr comes just a few days ahead... Read More »

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Facebook discloses photo security bug that may have hit up to 6.8 million users

If you've been following Facebook in the news this year, you know that 2018 has been a particularly challenging year for the company, as it continues to face scrutiny over its user data management practices. And along the way, the social network has suffered from several security incidents.

Today, Facebook disclosed another personal data breach, one that it says may have affected the photos of up to 6.8 million members during a brief window in September.

In the statement, Facebook engineering... Read More »

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Microsoft's Hummingbird news app content is delivered via AI

In the news app business, what do you do when Apple News has such a big presence on iOS, and Google News is big on Android and seemingly everywhere else? Even if you have deep pockets like Microsoft, which relaunched a news aggregator app of its own a few months ago, the answer may lie in using AI to leapfrog the capabilities of us humans when it comes to selecting and personalizing content.

At least, that's the pitch for Microsoft's second... Read More »

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'My Number Lookup' web app finds personal data linked to your mobile phone number

Over the past couple years, the general public has heard a lot about how your personal data can be collected on the internet and sold without your knowledge or consent. A VPN, or virtual private network, can be one way to improve your privacy, but some details about our lives remain difficult to keep on the down-low. One nagging problem is how many documents available to the public online can be tied to your phone number.

Keepsafe, a developer of privacy-oriented... Read More »

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Microsoft may give you Windows 10 updates that are still in 'testing' phase

In the wake of the unexpectedly messy October update for Windows 10 that ended up stretching well into November, users of Microsoft's operating system may be scratching their heads about how it went so badly. While Windows 10 isn't as widely praised as Windows 7, it rarely experiences the issues that we saw recently, which included deleting entire directories of files.

To address the growing uncertainties about Windows 10 and the integrity of its update system, corporate VP Michael Fortin... Read More »

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Opera browser for Android integrates Ethereum cryptocurrency network

With the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, the internet figured out a way to exchange digital goods with the same level of confidence as physical goods, but the concept isn't necessarily restricted to monetary transactions. When Ethereum arrived in 2015, it expanded the notion of a community-verified ledger to apps, which can be specially designed to run in a decentralized manner within the Ethereum network.

Think of Google Docs, but instead of connecting to a regional Google server to access your... Read More »

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Download this free MS Office alternative or PDF editor and you can help a charity

The holiday season is a time for giving and receiving. And now you can help give to a worthy cause just by receiving some free software.

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Software developer SoftMaker has announced that it will donate a certain amount of money to charities for each download of its free FreeOffice 2018 suite or FlexiPDF Basic app from now until Christmas. Through the company's Load and Help fundraiser initiative, the... Read More »

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Firefox Review: Here's why you should switch to this free, secure, and hecka cool web browser

Web browsing is a fundamental part of life for the majority of the planet, so it stands to reason that a fast, safe, and reliable web browser sits at the foundation of our online experiences. Firefox Quantum for Windows and MacOS aims to provide exactly that.

Firefox can trace its lineage way back to the heady Netscape Navigator days of the late 90s. Back in 2003 a team at the Mozilla Foundation (a nonprofit group) decided to create a... Read More »

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Apple's rumored premium news subscription service faces industry skepticism

Back in March 2018, Apple announced that it had agreed to buy Texture, a "digital magazine service," and this transaction didn't raise many eyebrows at the time. After all, the company works diligently on the Apple News app that's pre-installed on over a billion iPhones and iPads around the world, so it looked like a natural complement.

With that many potential eyeballs, it seems like newspapers and magazines should have been thrilled at the prospect of regaining an audience... Read More »

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