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Movie Maker for Windows alternatives

About Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a free digital-video editing tool that's designed to be easy to use. Microsoft stopped making new versions in 2012, but you can still download Movie Maker from the Microsoft site. Movie Maker is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10; however, Microsoft does not provide technical support for Windows Movie Maker when it's... Read More »

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Get the Oscar for the Best Video Editing

Video editing was once a costly, complicated process that only highly skilled professionals could perform, using expensive and enigmatic video-editing suites housed in professional post-production studios. The advent of affordable, simplified video-editing software has changed all that. Now amateurs can rearrange video footage, incorporate visual and sound effects, and add a soundtrack to their film, right from their Windows desktops, using free or low-cost video editors.

Video Editor FAQs

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Video players: Choosing the best

About video players

Web browsers can stream video and audio, but a dedicated video player is ideal for viewing a file that's already on your computer. Video players (aka media players) can handle most audio and video file types, though you may have difficulty playing Blu-ray discs.

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Find the best free DVD-burning software

About DVD burning software

DVD burning software lets you put files on a writable DVD, or digital versatile disc, or create a duplicate of another DVD. DVDs are optical media that were popular in the 1990s and early 2000s before Blu-ray discs and Internet streaming overtook them.

DVD Burning FAQ

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Get started with Media Player Classic

About Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic is a program for Windows that plays a wide variety of video and audio files. It began as an official off-shoot of Windows Media Player. The current version is called Media Player Classic - Home Cinema, or MPC-HC for short.

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Best ways to play a DVD on Windows and Mac

About DVD player software

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Video have made DVDs and Blu-rays a lot less popular than they used to be. But if you still enjoy playing DVDs and want to watch on your desktop or laptop, you certainly can. Your options depend on your operating system and computer maker.

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Best free (or cheap) media players for every device

About media players

Media players are standalone apps that play music or videos located on your device. Some of them can also stream content from the Internet or from another device on your local network.

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Best free FLV players for watching Adobe Flash

About FLV players

FLV players play Adobe Flash videos. Most Internet browsers have built-in support for playing FLV files, with the notable exception of Safari on iOS, which will not play Flash for a number of reasons. (Apple has cited security, battery usage, the lack of a touch interface, poor performance... Read More »

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Download's holiday tech gifts

For the techie friends on your holiday shopping list, you can drive to the grocery store and grab gift cards. But without much more effort, you can find a present they'll really use -- and something that says you put more than 60 panicked seconds into the selection.

Music and video

A subscription to a music or video service is the gift that keeps giving. And you can send one without leaving your house.

An Amazon Prime subscription gives your giftee... Read More »

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