CES 2019: HERE Mobility debuts app that will let you replace Uber and Lyft

If you're looking for an alternative to ride-sharing giants Uber (download for iOS or Android) and Lyft (download for iOS or Android), HERE Mobility just announced the SoMo app (download for iOS or Android) at CES 2019.

SoMo lets you plan, book and coordinate your next ride, whether with public transit, subway, limo, bus or taxi, all in one app. Riders can choose transportation for one trip, like a wedding, or recurring trips,... Read More »

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How to find Lime bike and scooter transit in Google Maps

You may have noticed bikes and scooters docked every few blocks in your city. Lime bikes and scooters (iOS, Android) have sprung up as initiatives in certain cities to help reduce traffic and carbon emissions.

To give users the full range of transportation options, Google Maps (iOS, Android) is adding Lime bikes and scooters to its app.

Here's how to find the nearest bikes and scooters for rent in your city:

Open the Google Maps... Read More »

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New 'BART to Airport' app offers group travel discounts in SF Bay Area

Anyone traveling with a friend or colleague to or from the airports in Oakland and San Francisco should now download the BART to Airport app and get a 25 percent discount on their ticket.

The innovative new app is designed to help traveling friends, family, and coworkers easily buy BART tickets to and from the airport when traveling as a group. BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost told local news outlet KRON that surveys had shown people were frustrated by long... Read More »

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'Cowlines' commute app calculates the fastest route for car-less travel

With a goal of reducing carbon emissions and expedite lengthy commutes, the Cowlines app (iOS) combines all your public and private transportation options in a single trip.

Cowlines goes beyond the factors considered by other commute apps to calculate the fastest, greenest, and fiscally efficient trip.

"The name Cowlines comes from the term 'cowlines' or 'cowpaths' used by city planners to design the optimal paths in places such as parks, etc, mimicking the behavior of cows when they roam... Read More »

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Apps for Your 4th of July Vacation Survival Kit

While summer officially begins in late June, the first big shindig of the season for Americans is July 4th. On this day in 1776, we adopted the Declaration of Independence, which gave Britain a stern talking-to about the recognition of personal liberty and what happens when a king acts like a jerk about it: Open warfare. We commemorate the ensuing bombs bursting in air with colorful fireworks in the night sky, which you may travel a... Read More »

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Desktop travel software to book your next vacation

When traveling to an unfamiliar destination or even in the planning stages, it's only too easy to lose your way. Let us help guide you with the right reservation, mapping, and translation apps. And with our deal apps, we can even help you save money on flights, hotels, restaurants, and experiences along the way.

Desktop travel apps FAQ

What info do I need? When... Read More »

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