How to create a public event with Google Maps

Google Maps has added a feature that lets you create a public event through Maps for Android. The new feature is live now, according to Android Police, but doesn't appear to be available to everyone. CNET staffers didn't see the option to create an event.

Google wasn't immediately available for comment.

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On the support page, Google said the feature might not be available in some regions. Here's how to check... Read More »

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Smartphones are more harmful than helpful in the car, despite recent advances

One of the first rules that a person is taught when they start driving is to focus all their attention on the road and their surroundings. Now that 77 percent of people in the US have smartphones, "no distractions" has often come to mean "no smartphones."

But if you turn off or put your smartphone away while you are driving, you become keenly aware of what you'll be missing. You won't have maps and navigation, which can help you... Read More »

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Google Maps might soon add a way to delete your location history automatically

In Google Maps (download for iOS or Android) version 10.10, the latest beta, the app appears to allow users more control over their privacy. The navigation app is working on an option that would enable automatic deletion of your location history, 9to5 Google first reported.

The Automatically Delete Location History feature would be added to the menu that users can already visit to delete their history in Maps.

It's unclear how the feature will work specifically, but the... Read More »

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Navigation apps that reveal DUI checkpoints 'encourage reckless driving,' NYPD says

The New York Police Department (NYPD) sent Google a cease and desist letter regarding their navigation apps, Waze (download for Android and iOS) and Google Maps (download for iOS or Android) posting DUI checkpoints.

In the letter, discovered by Streetsblog, police said that by posting DUI checkpoints in the apps, Google is hampering criminal and traffic laws. Waze and Google Maps users can inform each other about speed cameras, speed traps and other police roadblocks.

The letter... Read More »

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Apple Maps adds more indoor maps for malls and airports around the world

Apple Maps has expanded its transit directions feature to several states and countries, Apple confirmed in an update to its Feature Availability page on Tuesday. The iOS navigation app also increased indoor map support for malls and airports, MacRumors first reported.

Now transit directions are available for Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, North Dakota, New York, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Texas in the U.S.

Apple Maps also adding... Read More »

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Google Maps grabs Waze incident reports and speed limits

When Google bought Waze in 2013 for nearly a billion dollars, most analysts assumed they would eventually integrate the app's groundbreaking features into Google Maps.

While change has been slow, over the last year eagle-eyed developers have spotted evidence of Google Maps (download for Android and iOS) testing out some of Waze's most beloved features within its own app -- like user collected traffic reports, on-screen speed limits and potential speed traps.

Android Police's Richard Gao... Read More »

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Apple Maps finally launches turn-by-turn navigation in India

Apple Maps users in India can now take full advantage of the app's turn-by-turn navigation. The feature offers users exact directions when driving or walking.

When users in India began seeing the feature live in Maps, they tweeted out the news. Shortly after, an Apple spokesperson confirmed the update to VentureBeat.

In addition, users can book a ride with Uber or Ola from the Maps app. Apple hasn't released information about public transportation yet.

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It's... Read More »

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Google Maps for Android launching a faster sharing menu

Android's share sheet in Google Maps (download on iOS or Android) is getting a speed boost with the latest update, version 10.6.1. Historically, share sheets on the Android platform have lagged when loading. Since it takes a few extra seconds for the entire suite of options to load, sometimes users can tap the wrong icon.

Last month, Dave Burke, the vice president of engineering for Android assured users on Twitter that Google was working to resolve the issue.

"It's... Read More »

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How to find Lime bike and scooter transit in Google Maps

You may have noticed bikes and scooters docked every few blocks in your city. Lime bikes and scooters (iOS, Android) have sprung up as initiatives in certain cities to help reduce traffic and carbon emissions.

To give users the full range of transportation options, Google Maps (iOS, Android) is adding Lime bikes and scooters to its app.

Here's how to find the nearest bikes and scooters for rent in your city:

Open the Google Maps... Read More »

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Google Maps now lets you add hashtags to spice up your reviews

You're reading a review of a local restaurant in Google Maps. And that review may be helpful. But you'd like to know more. Is the restaurant family friendly? Does it offer music? Can you get gluten-free meals? A new hashtag feature in Google Maps could answer some of those questions.

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New to the Android version of Google Maps is the ability to add hashtags to your review of a restaurant or other... Read More »

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