Samsung Galaxy S10 sensor fooled by a 3D-printed fingerprint

Many new devices boast of heightened security with the addition of Touch ID, and the Samsung Galaxy S10, which debuted last month, is a prime example. A user of the Imgur image-sharing site, however, has challenged that notion.

Imgur user Darkshark said a 3D print of his own fingerprint fooled the Samsung Galaxy S10's ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and unlocked the device. Darkshark posted a video on Thursday showing the 3D print unlocking the phone.

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Opera browser for Android adds free built-in unlimited VPN services

Opera has added a free, built-in VPN service to its mobile browser for Android users in version 51, which launched Wednesday. This means you won't need to sign in, download additional apps or pay extra for protection while browsing public Wi-Fi. Opera says this gives you even more control over your online privacy.

The built-in VPN creates a private, encrypted connection between your phone and the server with a 256-bit encryption algorithm. The encryption hides your physical location and... Read More &raquo

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Microsoft's Windows Defender antivirus is coming to Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft has launched its Windows Defender extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The company said its goal was to extend its container technology to other browsers and give customers a way to protect themselves against browser-based attacks.

The extensions automatically redirect untrusted navigations to Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge, Windows Insider program head Dona Sokar and senior program manager Brandon LeBlanc said in a blog post on Friday.

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Popular Android apps still sending data to Facebook, watchdog group finds

UK watchdog group Privacy International on Tuesday said while a few Android apps have stopped sharing data with Facebook, many haven't.

In December, Privacy International and German mobile security company Mobilsicher both published reports that many popular apps were automatically sharing user data with Facebook, even if those users don't have Facebook accounts or were logged out of the Facebook platform. Mobilsicher examined the iOS version of many of the apps Privacy International also tested.

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Smart home devices might be exporting your personal data to China, new report says

Today, you can operate almost everything in your house from your phone. But, like most technology, nothing is perfect. While smart lightbulbs themselves aren't dangerous, the apps and platforms that control them might be.

Last month, Dark Cubed, an American cybersecurity company, released its State of IoT Security report and detailed potential security threats in smart home devices. Dark Cubed said it purchased several in-home smart devices that can be found at Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy or... Read More &raquo

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TikTok focuses on user safety with new video series and comment filters

Popular video and live streaming app TikTok, which has reportedly reached more than 1 billion downloads, is facing some criticism over user security.

To try to make the lip-synching app safer, TikTok launched a new educational video series Wednesday called "You're in Control." The series puts safety guidelines in videos instead of in text. In a blog post, TikTok said the videos are meant to entertain as well as educate.

Topics covered by the videos include the site's community guidelines... Read More &raquo

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Facebook's Onavo VPN app that was used for snooping is shutting down amid controversy

Facebook appears to have pulled its controversial Onavo mobile VPN app from the Google Play Store.

The app, called Onavo Protect, will immediately stop pulling user data for market research, TechCrunch reported Thursday, but will remain as an active VPN while users look for a replacement. The app will eventually shut down, according to the report.

Facebook didn't immediately respond to CNET's request for comment, but a spokesperson told TechCrunch: "We are shifting our focus to reward-based market research... Read More &raquo

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WhatsApp rushing to fix bug that lets you bypass Apple's Face and Touch ID

WhatsApp's newest feature -- the ability to lock the app with Face ID or Touch ID -- appears to have a major security flaw.

A Reddit user discovered the issue on iOS when using the share sheet (the menu that pops up when you tap the share icon in an app) of to open WhatsApp. Unless you've set your app to require biometric login immediately, the time interval will reset, and the Face ID or Touch ID won't... Read More &raquo

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How an app could help you stay safe on your next Tinder date

While most dates go off without a hitch, it's important to take safety precautions. The My SOS Family app (download for iOS or Android) can be useful in multiple situations like a bad Tinder date or if an elderly person living alone takes a fall.

With the push of a button, My SOS Family sends a Help Alert to the user's preset contacts, paired with a custom message and GPS location. The contact will receive the Alert via... Read More &raquo

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Microsoft Outlook mobile app gets security clearance from US government

Microsoft announced today that its Outlook app for iOS and Android meets security and compliance requirements of US government workers. As of January 15, Government Community Cloud (GCC) High and Department of Defense (DoD) customers can download and use the app.

The company updated the app's mobile architecture to meet the government's security compliance requirements to protect sensitive information. To meet compliance, Microsoft uses its native sync technology to create a direct link between its mobile app and... Read More &raquo

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