How Google is letting apps read your emails with privacy policy loopholes

When is the last time you read an app's privacy policy from top to bottom? If you're like me, you can probably count the times on one hand (if you've even done it that much).

Reading lengthy terms of service agreements or privacy policies put a damper on the instant gratification in today's digital age. You may want to start reading them soon because not reading the app's policies might be exactly what the company is betting on.

Google caters to... Read More »

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To help teach kids internet safety, Google is teaming up with parents and teachers

Internet etiquette and safety can be hard to figure out as an adult and even more confusing as a child getting their feet wet with the web. Since last year, Google has partnered with a handful of digital-safety groups to address this issue head on with its Be Internet Awesome campaign.

To mark National Cybersecurity Awareness and National Bullying Prevention Month, Google is taking the effort a step further, announcing yesterday that they were teaming up with the National Parent Teacher Association... Read More »

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Waze-like 'Reach' app crowdsources preventing street crime in South America

Latin American is the world's most violent region according to a new study by the new study by the Igarapé Institute. Latin America and the Caribbean experience 33 percent of the world's homicides, despite only housing eight percent of the population.

After experiencing street crime first hand, Lima, Peru resident Moisés Salazar created the Reach community to fight back. Salazar grew up in Callao, Peru listening to gunshots every night.

"My parents lived worried that something... Read More »

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The iPhone can now record police during a traffic stop with Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12

One of Apple's new iOS 12 apps, Siri Shortcuts, lets iPhone users create personal shortcuts with a few steps from your favorite apps. It comes with some examples, but creations for personal scripts are almost endless.

While obvious shortcut uses would be to make a morning routine that plays music, turns on the lights, and starts the coffee, Arizona resident Robert Petersen had something different in mind.

Petersen created the Police shortcut. It can monitor traffic stop interactions so you... Read More »

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New Bouncer app for Android protects privacy and battery life by managing permissions for other apps

Just like a big guy giving the final say on who gets into (or thrown out of) a club, the Bouncer app for Android acts like a permissions gatekeeper of sorts for your smartphone.

Through Bouncer you can temporarily approve permissions on other apps. After you exit the app requiring permissions, Bouncer will remove the permissions.

The app, still in beta testing, increases privacy, security, and battery life on smartphones. It gives you peace of mind about what your... Read More »

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Stay private and protected with the best Firefox security extensions

With Mozilla's focus on Firefox privacy and keeping user data secure, you'd expect to find lots of security extensions for the Firefox Web browser. Privacy and security extensions for Firefox range from ones that can block trackers to those that can throttle how much of your data Facebook can track.

What are Firefox browser add-ons?

With both the desktop and mobile versions of Firefox, you can download and add extensions and themes to customize the browser to match... Read More »

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Google Firebase app for Android and iOS may be leaking data, report says

Around 2,500 Android apps and 600 iOS apps with nearly 620 million downloads between them may be leaking data through a vulnerability, according to a report issued this week from Appthority. The mobile security research firm based in San Francisco said hackers can exploit a vulnerability in Google's Firebase mobile and web application development platform that may be leaking sensitive data through improperly secured Firebase back-end servers that are storing user data.

The scope of the exposure

Appthority 's Mobile Threat Team... Read More »

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Mozilla's Firefox Monitor security tool checks if your accounts have been compromised by hackers

Despite the prevalence of hacks and data breaches in the news recently, few people ever find out if their information has been released or taken advantage of unless there is a noticeable problem. Just last year, more than 179 million records were exposed in the U.S.

Mozilla is hoping to change that by teaming with Troy Hunt -- a renowned Australian digital security expert who runs -- to create Firefox Monitor. The website allows you... Read More »

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Google starts verifying and updating Android apps that aren't from its Play Store

Google announced on its developer blog today that it would be adding what it calls a Signing Block to all Android apps that are provided by "Play-approved distribution channels." This new initiative is designed to confirm that the app is what it says it is, in regions of the world where the app installation files themselves (known as APKs or Android Package Kits) are traded between users instead of coming from the Google Play Store.

GUIDE: How to find, download, and install Android apps safely

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How to stop bleeding from wounds and cuts with free app Stop the Bleed

If you've ever been in an emergency situation where someone was bleeding excessively, then you know how hard it can be to stop the bleeding without any prior training. Fortunately, the National Center for Disaster Medicine and Public Health at the Uniformed Services University released an app that helps people stop the bleeding for a victim in a dire situation.

The Stop the Bleed app is now available on Apple and Android phones and provides users with a... Read More »

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