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Put Thunderbird to work

The most recent update to the Mozilla Thunderbird (download for Windows or Mac OS X ) mail client shoves the former fledgling out of Mozilla's nest. The goal, if unstated, is clear: get as many people as possible to try the app, and hope that the appeal of a lighter client with similar power to Outlook and Outlook Express will pull some users away from Microsoft's ubiquitous software.

For home use, Thunderbird 2 should be a no-brainer. Many of the newer... Read More &raquo

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One-stop Web design shop for Mac

Coding a Web site once you get past the idea phase is a complicated process. You have to manage several files for each page of your site, you need a solid text editor for actual coding, you may need a CSS editor, an Internet browser for previewing your work, and an FTP client once you're ready to transfer your files. Though I've done little in the way of actual Web design, my efforts have always required running several programs at once... Read More &raquo

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