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Make your desktop a window seat on Mac or PC

With summer here in the northern hemisphere, many people are packing their bags, grabbing their plane tickets, and hopping a flight for a well-deserved vacation. Once on the plane, most of us face cramped seats, crying babies, and maybe a couple of bags of peanuts (if we're lucky). Most of the time, the promise of the destination is enough for us to deal with a long flight, and if all else fails, there's always the sweeping view of the country... Read More »

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Pownce invites and the rise of Adobe AIR

Adobe released the public beta of its Adobe AIR runtime environment (previously codenamed Apollo) about a month ago. The software is designed to allow the development of rich Internet applications that work on any operating system. I'm sure that there are technical differences, but it seems a lot like an amped-up widget engine to me.

Needless to say, AIR apps aren't nearly as ubiquitous as Adobe Flash apps (yet), but there have been a few interesting recent developments. The most-polished AIR... Read More »

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Touch-screen iPod coming?

With all the hype that led up to the release of the iPhone, paired with all the coverage once it was actually launched, one could almost believe we had seen the end of the wild Apple speculation for a while. I'm here to tell you--and if you're a longtime Apple fan you know this already--when it comes to Apple, the rumor mill never stops. You may have already heard the rumor about the iPhone Nano--a smaller, less expensive version of... Read More »

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Images done well on your Mac

Yesterday was Independence Day here in the U.S., and if you're like many (me included) you probably spent the day with friends and family, and maybe watched some fireworks when the summer sun finally went down. Chances are you dusted off the barbecue for chicken, hot dogs, and burgers, and maybe even had potato salad or other picnic foods. Another common practice with these types of gatherings, of course, is getting out your digital camera and taking a bunch of... Read More »

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Overcoming iPhone envy

If your iPod is turning green with envy or blue with neglect from the incessant roar over Apple's iPhone (check our nerve center for the latest news, reviews, and apps), it may be time to revisit the programs that made you and your iPod inseparable until now.

Seth Rosenblatt's collection of best iPodware includes iGadget, the ultimate iPod data-syncing and management utility; MediaMonkey, a hit jukebox; and the Plato Video to iPod Converter, which makes your iPod video-ready.

Wedge in those headphones... Read More »

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Hmmmm, what Apple news can I talk about today?

If you haven't been living under the proverbial rock, you probably already know the hype surrounding Apple's iPhone has built up quite a bit over the last few weeks. It seems like every news site has something to add to the iPhone fray, and certainly, as a technology site, you can get a lot of information here at CNET. Since today is the big launch for the iPhone, I might as well give all of you a couple more things... Read More »

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Adobe Digital Editions: First Look

Adobe's Digital Editions lets you manage your e-book collection with large icons taken from the book covers, an uncluttered interface, and the ability to create playlist-style "bookshelves." Released for both Windows and Mac, the iTunes-style management might just help make e-books the Next Big Thing.

In this First Look video, take a quick tour of the app from its unusual install process onward. {clear: both;} ... Read More »

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The iPhone line starts here

Eight days! In only eight days (after this post) the iPhone will be released to the technology-loving public. The thing I'm most amazed about is the hype this thing is generating. I'm definitely excited and have been a supplier of hype myself in this very blog, but I wasn't prepared for the sheer volume of information and rumors surrounding a phone that hasn't even seen the light of day yet (unless you count those lucky Apple employees). The hype is... Read More »

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Avatars: Engineer the perfect digital you

In the cyberworld, Web customization is king--just as the millions of user-centric YouTube videos and MySpace Web pages attest. It's little wonder, then, that avatars, digital representations of you, are growing in function and form.

This collection of downloadable and Web-based avatar generators ranges from the more cartoon-like engines to three-dimensional architectures where users give life to their pint-size replicates. Be sure to tune into the video and photo gallery on my adventures with avatars, with CNET's Neha... Read More »

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In the spirit of my recently sworn allegiance to the powerhouse add-on Tab Mix Plus as the "best Firefox extension ever," I've created a resource guide for all of the features and options available in the Firefox add-on.

In a nutshell, Tab Mix Plus lets you customize nearly every detail of the appearance and behavior of your tabs without having to get into any of the about:config settings in Mozilla Firefox.

One important note: my Tab Mix Plus guide is based... Read More »

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