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Cheetah Mobile's Coin Master launches Bitcoin tracking app for iOS and Android

Beijing-based Cheetah Mobile announced in a press release today that it's launching a new iOS and Android app called Coin Master, designed to help you track your cryptocurrency investments.

It can keep a record of your transactions and import records from other wallet apps and cryptocurrency exchanges that you've done business with in the past. The company released a Bitcoin wallet app SafeWallet in January this year, so the two apps can easily interact with each other --... Read More »

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Install NordVPN on Android TV to watch international shows and protect your privacy

Since March of 2017, Internet service providers in the United States have been able to sell the data that they collect about your usage, without your consent, and one of the ways to fight this is to sign up for a VPN (virtual private network). NordVPN has announced that it's adding native support for televisions that use Google's Android TV operating system. So now, qualifying TVs can stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other videos... Read More »

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Westworld mobile game arrives for iOS and Android, and here's why it's worth playing

TL;DR The Westworld game is free to play, with in-app transactions The writers of the show have coordinated with the developer on narratives This developer also made Fallout Shelter This article does not spoil plot details of the show

The free Westworld mobile game we previewed at the Game Developer Conference in March has snuck out of the park ahead of... Read More »

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Adobe's Project Rush lets you edit, create, and share video on both Android and iOS

Adobe, this week, offered a glimpse of Project Rush, its upcoming all-in-one video editing app that will let you edit and share professional-quality video on the go.

The app, which is in beta, is designed to handle everything from video capture to sharing, and it will include a rich set of video editing tools for working with color, audio, and motion graphics, Adobe said. You can sign up here to join the Project Rush beta program and get a sneak... Read More »

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Instagram's new IGTV video app gives creators a YouTube alternative (Updated)

TL;DR Instagram's new IGTV app will let creators make longer videosYou can still view IGTV content within the regular Instagram appThe videos will be user-generated and up to one hour long

Instagram has announced the launch of a separate video app called IGTV, which will host long-form vertical video content from popular Instagram creators such as LaurDIY and King Bach. The content will also be viewable in the traditional Instagram app,... Read More »

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Microsoft To-Do app for Windows 10, iOS, and Android gets list sharing and more

Microsoft updated all versions of its To-Do task management app today, adding the ability to customize its look and feel, and to share your to-do lists with others. Although the app remains unavailable for Windows 7 and MacOS users, the web browser version got these upgrades as well, so everyone with a OneDrive account can dive into the new features anyway, not just Windows 10 users. If you're on a mobile device, you can get the new coat of... Read More »

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Google releases free Podcasts app for Android; iOS version yet to come

TL;DR Download Google Podcasts here The app is free and lets you download shows for offline listening Podcasts are currently audio-only Google has not announced a release date for an iOS version

Google announced the launch of a free standalone podcast app for Android today, called simply Google Podcasts. It exists separately from Google Play Music (GPM) and the video podcasts available on YouTube. Google... Read More »

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Steam Summer Sale 2018: How to get the best game deals

With every summer comes warm sandy beaches, snowcones, weekend barbecues -- and an annual Steam game sale. Valve hasn't officially confirmed that it's starting on Thursday, but all indications currently point at that square on your calendar.

But one does not merely walk into a Steam sale. Specific deals can be hard to surface (and the game may be even cheaper elsewhere), payments can be declined, and people of low moral fiber may be looking to steal passwords. But if you... Read More »

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The 4 best Microsoft Office 365 'Fluent Design' features

Microsoft announced some major changes to Office 365 this week, as it continues to feel the heat from Google Docs, which costs less and has built a reputation for simplicity and fluid collaboration. The changes -- which you may be seeing already -- include a trimmed-down ribbon interface, sharper icons and new color schemes, and a more tightly integrated search function. Let's walk you through the best new things about the Office 365 refresh.

1. The ribbon interface... Read More »

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E3 2018: The 4 best Android and iOS games you will want to play

With the whirlwind of this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo gratefully winding down, we can now dissect the highlights of the video game industry's premier annual showcase. As we predicted, Android and iOS games grabbed some of the spotlight that's historically been dominated by big-budget console games like Halo, Uncharted, and The Legend of Zelda. Here are the mobile games announcements from E3 2018 that every Android and iPhone gamer should check out.

1. Bethesda Game Studios... Read More »

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