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Call of Duty: Mobile game app coming to Android and iOS

Call of Duty, the popular first-person shooter video game franchise, is coming to Android and iOS. Fans can preregister online now, and Android users can also preregister in the Google Play Store. The app and any future updates are free, according to the game's website.

Activision wasn't immediately available for comment, but the site says fans should expect more information regarding the release in the coming months.

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South Korean installs light-up crosswalk to stop phone-related wrecks

We've all seen viral videos of people paying more attention to a phone than where they're going. The results are generally comical: tripping, falling or running into something. It's not always funny though. Some phone-obsessed people, referred to as "smartphone zombies" in popular culture, are becoming injured in road accidents.

To combat the problem, the South Korean city of Ilsan has reportedly installed a system at a crosswalk that alerts pedestrians and warns cars to slow down.... Read More »

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8 spring cleaning apps to clear out your winter junk

Turn off the TV and shed your winter hermit shell because spring is right around the corner. If you haven't thought about spring cleaning yet, it's not too late. Use these helpful cleaning apps to inspire you to sweep last year's mess out the back door and get your house tidied up.


FlyLady (download for iOS) makes cleaning much less stressful by dividing your house into zones. Center your zones around the rooms in your house, like the kitchen or... Read More »

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8 gardening apps to activate your green thumb in spring 2019

Not everyone has a green thumb or an eye for landscaping. Some people don't even get to try because they're so busy. Others watch HGTV over and over again and still never achieve the yard of their dreams because it's easy to forget most of what you learned by the time you get outside.

But since you can take your phone with you when you walk out into the yard, there are now some digital tools that can make you a... Read More »

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Apple and Stanford University release full results of Watch heart study

Before Apple announced the Apple Watch's ability to perform echocardiograms on the go last year, it was working with Stanford University to study the technology. The Apple Heart Study enrolled 400,000 people.

According to study results, presented Saturday, 2,000 of those participants received a notification about an irregular heart rhythm, which can be a sign of a larger problem, like atrial fibrillation. The sooner warning signs can be spotted, the sooner people can seek help.

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Moby's dreamy new album is exclusively on the Calm meditation app

In tandem with last Friday's World Sleep Day, musician Moby released his latest album Long Ambients 2. The album is available exclusively on the Calm meditation app (download for iOS or Android) and is a sequel to Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep, released in 2016.

With a Calm account, you can listen to Moby's six relaxing tracks to meditate, work or fall asleep to at about 37 minutes each.

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The Good Fight star Nyambi Nyambi dishes on his favorite apps

As a follow-up to the hit show The Good Wife, the electric legal and political drama The Good Fight joined CBS All Access' exclusive streaming lineup in 2017.

Its third season premieres Thursday. (Editors' note: CBS is CNET's parent company.)

Nyambi Nyambi, who plays Jay DiPersia, an investigator for Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart, told CNET what to expect from season 3 of The Good Fight -- and also shared a few of his favorite apps.

Nyambi first appeared in The Good Fight in... Read More »

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Tumblr's traffic plummets after last year's porn ban

Tumblr's crackdown on adult content appears to be hitting the site hard.

Similarweb, a web analytics firm, reported that visits to the popular blogging site have dipped significantly since the December pornography ban. On Dec. 3, total Tumblr views on desktop and mobile were at just over 520 million. As of Jan. 28, views had dropped by more than 100 million, according to Similarweb.

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a surprisingly pleasing combination of J.K. Rowling and Pokemon Go worlds

I'm walking to my bus after a day at the office keeping my wits about me. Instead of dodging traffic or the guy trying to get me to sign a petition, I'm watching for magical beasts from the world of Harry Potter. Dueling dark wizards and overpowering magical beasts is a tough job, but all in day's work when you're keeping the Muggle world safe from unexpected calamity. And it's all happening on my phone.

First announced in 2017, the... Read More »

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Google Drive adds Material Design to its Android and iOS apps in latest update

Google Drive, the tech giant's file storage and synchronization service, might look a bit different on iOS and Android today.

In a blog post published Tuesday, Google said a redesign of the look and feel of Drive's mobile version will make it "easier to communicate and collaborate across files in Drive" on phones that run Google's or Apple's mobile operating system. Google has been migrating its apps to a system called Material Design to make a more... Read More »

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