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T-Mobile launching home LTE internet service to disrupt broadband

Aiming to disrupt what it calls "one of the most uncompetitive industries in existence," T-Mobile began an invitation-only home internet pilot on Thursday. A limited group of customers in rural and underserved communities will get high-speed fixed wireless service.

According to a release, 50,000 homes will be connected this year. T-Mobile plans to cover more than half of the US by 2024 with the capacity for 9.5 million households to cut the cord, according to the release.

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Firefox version 66 silences videos, audio with Block Autoplay feature

Mozilla's Firefox browser is working to minimize inconveniences we encounter online. The browser's latest update, version 66released Tuesday, silences autoplaying videos by default, prevents page jumps and makes it easier to find what you're looking for in multiple tabs.

The Block Autoplay feature will by default stop videos from starting automatically on news sites or those that host movies or TV shows. If you want to watch the video, just click to play it.

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Google refreshes its mobile search page with Material Design theme

Google has rejuvenated its mobile search page with the Material Design theme to bring it in line with its other apps and services.

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Check out Google's search page on your iOS or Android device and you'll spot a few changes. The search field now has rounded corners in contrast to the previous rectangular design. Swipe down the screen and you'll find that the... Read More »

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How India became a new epicenter of the app economy

India's app economy is blossoming. In 2017, India outpaced the US as the world's No. 2 market in app downloads with 12.1 billion. The country is forecasted to have 37.2 billion app downloads per year by 2022, according to App Annie. And, 97 percent of India's smartphone users rely on apps over browsers and websites.

All of this makes it a prime spot for future app development.

"With the increase in better Internet connectivity like 3G and 4G network[s], the... Read More »

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Twitter looks to strengthen policies prohibiting 'dehumanizing speech'

Twitter users -- particularly women and minorities -- have long complained about the platform's lax rules against open hate speech and harassment, but the massively popular social media site has been slow to change its ways.

It is now trying to make up for their past mistakes by beefing up its rules and expanding its hateful conduct policy, announcing on Tuesday that it would be creating new regulations to stop what it called "dehumanizing speech."

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Microsoft OneDrive adds fingerprint lock to Android app

Microsoft OneDrive users on Android can now secure their online files with more than just a passcode.

With the latest update to version 5.14, the OneDrive Android app offers fingerprint recognition as a way to lock and unlock access to your files. Previously, the Android app allowed you to secure your OneDrive storage only through a passcode. The update brings the Android version of OneDrive on par with the iOS version, which already supported... Read More »

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An initiative from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter aims to let users transfer data between services

You've just signed up with another online service and now you have to set up your account data, add your friends and contacts, and enter loads of other info. If only there were a way you could quickly populate all those details. Well, your wish is the tech industry's command.

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