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CES 2019: 10 new ways to use your Google Assistant

Google Assistant was big news at CES 2019, with Google announcing its digital assistant would be of more help everywhere in 2019, from your home to your car and of course on your phone.

At the annual electronics show, the search giant also unveiled Assistant partnerships with Samsung, Lenovo and McAfee and announced that Assistant would be available on one billion devices by the end of this month.

Here are 10 ways to take advantage of the digital-assistant improvements and... Read More »

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Google Lens arrives on iOS inside the Google search app

The Google Lens (iOS, Android) AI smart search app is rolling out for iPhones. The feature was released for Android in March but was only accessible to iOS users through the Google Photos app (iOS, Android).

Now, instead of having to take a picture and use Lens through the camera roll, iPhone and iPad users can tap the Google Lens icon in the Search bar.

Google Lens can enrich the search experience by recognizing... Read More »

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In China, iFlytek app has stopped translating politically-charged terms

Chinese Android users might've had some trouble trying to translate certain words with the iFlytek app (iOS, Android). As part of the country's goal to clean up the internet, the voice-recognition company began censoring politically sensitive terms.

Tipster Jane Wong tweeted an image of the app failing to translate certain words and phrases from English to Chinese. Wong entered phrases like "Taiwan independence," "Tiananmen Square," and "Tiananmen Square massacre."

Wong also attempted to translate "Hong... Read More »

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Google brings Lens to mobile web to help you get more info straight from photos

Google gave its Search app a massive makeover last month with new features like Discover, Activity Cards, better organization, and visual searches.

On Thursday, the company expanded on its promise of more visual searches by adding the image-recognizing technology behind Google Lens into the mobile web version of Google Images.

"Starting today, when you see something in an image that you want to know more about, like a landmark in a travel photo or wallpaper in a stylish room, you... Read More »

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Google redesigns search to make it more like an app: 4 changes to watch

The Google search engine turned 20 this week and the company is rolling out new features to celebrate.

Ben Gomes, vice president of Google Search, News, and Assistant, made the announcement yesterday on Google's blog. The updates will aim to refine the most relevant and high quality information, attempt to anticipate future queries, and make searches more visual.

Google now has many services, but its search engine remains what it's best known for. The new features give love to... Read More »

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Google Go search app can now read web pages in 28 languages for emerging markets

Google Go users in emerging markets now have a new option to help make web pages easier to understand.

Designed for areas with slow or unreliable Internet access, the Google Go search app can now read web pages aloud, Google has announced in a blog post. The new technology is capable of reading aloud billions of web pages in 28 different languages. The voice sounds natural, even over a 2G connection, according to Google, and uses minimal cellular data.... Read More »

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Microsoft's Bing app on iOS can now solve math problems

Those of us who struggle with math problems, whether simple or complex, should appreciate a new option in Microsoft's Bing iOS app.

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Introduced in the latest update to the Bing iOS app, Math mode can work some magic on a photo of a mathematical equation. By analyzing and interpreting a printed or handwritten math problem, the app not only delivers the result but also shows you how it got there. With certain equations, Bing even... Read More »

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Google Search app now includes personal recommendations for local events

Looking for something to do this weekend? Google is making it easier to find information about local events, including time, location, and how to get tickets.

In a release, Product Manager Emily Fifer said Google aggregates information from websites like Eventbrite and Meetup to populate the quick descriptions of events.

"When you search on your phone for things like 'events near me' or 'free concert' in the U.S., you'll not only find a list of events from a... Read More »

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