How to change your old online ID for the PlayStation

Sony PlayStation 4 owners on Wednesday can finally edit their online IDs with PSN's new name change feature, said Sid Shuman, PSN's director of social media, in a blog post. IDs can be changed on a PS4 or via web browser.

The first time you change your ID is free, subsequent changes are $10. PlayStation Plus members pay $5 to change their ID after the first free one. You can also keep your old ID on display for 30 days... Read More &raquo

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You can now reserve a code name on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Attention, witches and wizards: you can now secure a code name for the forthcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game. If you already play Ingress Prime or Pokemon Go, you can keep the same agent name or trainer nickname for Wizards Unite.

First announced in 2017, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is similar to Niantic's augmented reality game Pokemon Go, which sees players wandering the real world pointing their phones at virtual landmarks. Drawing on the world of... Read More &raquo

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Early access to The Elder Scrolls: Blades game is live for iOS and Android

Gaming studio Bethesda said on Twitter Wednesday that The Elder Scrolls: Blades is getting a limited early-access program on iOS and Android. The early access is part of the 25th anniversary celebration for the Elder Scrolls game series.

"Ready to play? We're inviting players in waves, so make sure to keep an eye on your email for the invite," Bethesda said.

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... Read More &raquo

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Walmart might launch a cloud gaming service like Google's Stadia

Walmart might be next to jump on the game streaming bandwagon.

The company is considering its own video game streaming platform, according to a report Wednesday from USgamer, though it's unclear how far along a service is in development. Walmart has been speaking to game developers and publishers since earlier this year, multiple unnamed sources told USgamer.

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Walmart didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Google revealed its... Read More &raquo

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FDA's new Xbox horror game warns teens about smoking dangers

The Food and Drug Administration is changing how it's tackling tobacco use among teenagers. One Leaves is a free horror game for Xbox and PC designed to educate teens about smoking dangers.

Part of the FDA's The Real Cost antismoking campaign, the game targets the 12-17 age range, the group most likely to experiment with cigarettes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The game's premise is based on the statistic that three out of... Read More &raquo

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Call of Duty: Mobile game app coming to Android and iOS

Call of Duty, the popular first-person shooter video game franchise, is coming to Android and iOS. Fans can preregister online now, and Android users can also preregister in the Google Play Store. The app and any future updates are free, according to the game's website.

Activision wasn't immediately available for comment, but the site says fans should expect more information regarding the release in the coming months.

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The Good Fight star Nyambi Nyambi dishes on his favorite apps

As a follow-up to the hit show The Good Wife, the electric legal and political drama The Good Fight joined CBS All Access' exclusive streaming lineup in 2017.

Its third season premieres Thursday. (Editors' note: CBS is CNET's parent company.)

Nyambi Nyambi, who plays Jay DiPersia, an investigator for Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart, told CNET what to expect from season 3 of The Good Fight -- and also shared a few of his favorite apps.

Nyambi first appeared in The Good Fight in... Read More &raquo

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Google Play to offer in-game rewards for watching video ads on Android

If you're like me, you mostly stick to free apps -- even though paid or subscription-based apps might offer higher quality content. Google on Wednesday introduced a tool to help developers make more money from apps, even from non-paying users.

Google Play's new rewarded products feature picks up on the trend of watching a video or taking some kind of action to earn in-app currency. The feature, still in beta testing, will debut in video format.

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Steam plans to sunset non-gaming video content soon

Valve has pulled the plug on the video section of its Steam store menu and will weed out non-gaming content such as movies and TV shows.

The reason? People simply weren't watching non-gaming videos, Valve said Tuesday in a blog post on the game-streaming site. Valve plans to refocus Steam on content that's directly related to games and accessories.

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"Over the coming weeks a number of non-gaming... Read More &raquo

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New Pokemon card app goes live in Sweden

The Pokemon Company International is releasing a new app for iOS and Android for Pokemon Trading Card Game players. The Pokemon TCG Card Dex app lets players browse and discover cards from the Pokemon TCG: Sun and Moon series, according to a press release.

Cards can be filtered by expansion packs, promo cards, rarity, Pokemon type, Energy type, HP and more.

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The app keeps track of your Pokemon... Read More &raquo

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