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Calling all 90s kids: Google Earth made a Carmen Sandiego game

It's been almost 30 years, but Carmen Sandiego isn't done jet setting around the globe and teaching us about it. The international master thief, a positive role model of course, has taught us the capitals of countries, the locations of historic events, and other geographical facts.

Sandiego was such a staple for '90s kids that Google said it's releasing a series of games in Google Earth. The first, The Crown Jewels Caper, is available now. Your assignment from ACME... Read More »

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Play Badland, the Mysterious and Beautiful Adventure Game

In Badland -- a haunting and evocative platformer -- you fly a dark, fluffy creature through dangerous woods to safety (iOS and Android). The bat-like creature, called a clone, floats through the troubled forest, bouncing off branches, pipes, gears, paddles, and other clones. The game is beautiful, with a hand-drawn feel, and you progress by avoiding threats and obstacles that change as the day moves from morning to night. Play alone, with four friends on... Read More »

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