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How to use Spotlight, Bumble's version of Tinder Boost

There are dozens of dating apps to choose from whether you're hoping to find the love of your life or a casual fling. Bumble (download for iOS or Android) and Tinder (download for iOS or Android) are two of the most popular.

Bumble added the Spotlight feature to its app, TechCrunch reported, which is almost identical to competitor Tinder Boost service.

Spotlight, like Boost, lets users pay for their profile to get extra views. Moving... Read More »

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Best scary smartphone game apps for Halloween 2019

If you're not in a spot where you can watch your favorite scary movie or play a console game, check out these apps guaranteed to give you a fright this Halloween.

1. Sarah is Missing (SIM)

In Sarah is Missing (Android, iOS) you find a missing girl's phone. The whole app displays as if your smartphone is Sara's, complete with alerts, texts, and error messages.

Once you unlock Sara's phone, you'll be plunged into a world of lies, mystery, and... Read More »

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Best apps to read scary stories on Halloween 2019

There are dozens of timeless scary stories we've heard during the Halloween season for years.

Kids have been daring each other to "summon" Bloody Mary in the mirror for decades. The tale of the Hookman has been used one hundred times over to make sure rebellious teens are at home by a decent hour. And who hasn't looked over their shoulder to make sure there isn't a murder in your backseat after hearing the High Beams story?

Smartphones are bringing a... Read More »

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10 apps to help you throw a holiday party in 2019

Attending a party during the winter months can help relieve some of the holiday season stress. Enjoying a meal with friends, drinking festive cocktails, wearing an ugly sweater, and listening to Mariah Carey's Christmas album on repeat can make for a great night.

If you're the one hosting the party, the planning process can be hard work. Check out these apps to ensure your soiree is fun, safe, and memorable.

1. Wunderlist

Planning your party is the first step. There's a... Read More »

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Can 'Wonderscope' AR app turn screen time into quality time with your kids?

Deciding how much screen time your child should be allowed is a dilemma most of today's parents face. Too much technology could make it feel like family time is a thing of the past as everyone's attention is directed to devices.

Some apps, like Wonderscope (iOS), want to compromise by integrating family time with screen time. Wonderscope is WITHIN's first AR app.

"[Wonderscope] creates narrative-driven experiences that change the way kids engage with mobile devices by encouraging movement, reading... Read More »

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How to block those aggressive ads in your kid's apps

A University of Michigan Medical School study found that apps designed for kids are jam-packed with ads and in-app purchases. Some of the ads look like part of the app's game and it can be hard for young users to differentiate.

The study said 95 percent of the apps contained advertising.

It can be tricky to find "free" kids apps for download that don't have any ads. Trying to find software to block those ads can be even harder.... Read More »

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Blinkist app helps you absorb insights from popular non-fiction books as 15-minute audio summaries

Any bookworm knows the overwhelming feeling of "too many books, too little time." If your to-read list is getting out of hand, you might consider Blinkist (iOS, Android) to catch up.

Blinkist, which launched in 2012, picks out the key takeaways of popular non-fiction books and turns it into an impactful, more digestible 15-minute session.

"Blinkist helps connect inspiring ideas by amazing authors with an audience eager to learn. For every big-ticket title, there are thousands of non-fiction... Read More »

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How to get 6 months of The Washington Post for free, and then pay only 4 bucks a month

Washington D.C. politics has gotten intensely interesting in the last year and a half, and the flood of news has been enough to drown most casual observers. How do you stay afloat? Is there any news source that can keep it all sorted -- and do it without breaking your budget?

Well, thanks to the magic of capitalism and the deep pockets of one particular tech billionaire, the answer is "Yes." But it may be the best kept secret in the... Read More »

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