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Google's Digital Wellbeing app expands to Nokia 7 Plus, 6 Plus smartphones

Looking for a way to combat smartphone addiction? Those of you who own an Android One phone will be able to use Google's Digital Wellbeing tool to do just that.

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Launched with Android Pie 9.0 in August, Digital Wellbeing was created to help you monitor and set limits on the apps you use and how much you use them. Until now, Digital Wellbeing has been available just for Google's Pixel phones.... Read More »

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To help teach kids internet safety, Google is teaming up with parents and teachers

Internet etiquette and safety can be hard to figure out as an adult and even more confusing as a child getting their feet wet with the web. Since last year, Google has partnered with a handful of digital-safety groups to address this issue head on with its Be Internet Awesome campaign.

To mark National Cybersecurity Awareness and National Bullying Prevention Month, Google is taking the effort a step further, announcing yesterday that they were teaming up with the National Parent Teacher Association... Read More »

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'Fortify Florida' app launches as an early warning system for school threats

It's been less than a year since the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida. The Parkland shooting was classified as 2018's deadliest shooting, but it wasn't the year's only school shooting.

The survivors of the February shooting have been outspoken on the issue of gun control. Florida's state legislature took action by passing the Stoneman Douglas Act in March. The bill restricts mentally ill people from owning guns and adds provisions for gun and... Read More »

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How 'Memorize by Heart' app can help you prep for speeches and presentations

Memorization can be difficult unless you're one of the lucky people blessed with a photographic memory. We're taught various techniques in school, ranging from "read it, write it, say it," or the Rule of Seven (you remember something after hearing seven times).

The Memorize by Heart app (iOS) costs $1 and helps you remember text through repeated exposure. You can copy and paste the text you need to memorize.

As you work through the process, Memorize it by... Read More »

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'Pulse Voter' app fights voter apathy by connecting citizens and constituents

The 2016 election had almost everyone in the US talking about politics, reading into issues, and paying attention to the news. Despite the magnitude of elections and the importance of voting, many people still don't exercise their right.

On average, only about 40 percent of the population vote in midterm elections. CBS reported that only 37 percent voted in the 2014 midterms, the lowest voter turnout since World War II.

The reasons for not voting range from not liking any... Read More »

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The next great app might be a mobile lawyer, as Kenyan app Haki shows

Anyone who has been stopped by the police understands the fear that comes with the interaction. This situation can be all the more stressful if you've done nothing wrong, and without a rule book at your side it can be difficult to defend yourself.

One Kenyan lawyer turned a seemingly random police stop into something positive: a digital legal book that users can call upon in case of emergency. The app, named Haki, is already in its third iteration... Read More »

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Kroger launches shopping app to help people make better nutrition choices

The country's largest supermarket chain unveiled a new app for its customers designed to promote healthy eating and shopping.

Kroger, based in Cincinnati, named the app OptUp and separated it from its primary mobile shopping app by having it help shoppers make healthier decisions with what the buy at the supermarket.

With the app, shoppers add items they plan to buy and then see a nutrition score for each item on a scale of 1 to 100, with healthy foods... Read More »

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Duolingo adds Hindi for English speakers to its popular language learning app

Duolingo, the language-learning app and website, just launched it first course in the Hindi language for English language speakers.

The lessons, currently available through Duolingo's web app but coming to the company's app for iOS and Android devices in the future, is designed for English language speakers who want to learn Hindi for the first time or want to brush up on the language. If you have some proficiency with Hindi, you can test out some of the basics and... Read More »

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Read microfiction in 150-character notifications from Serial Box app

Serial Box, publisher of serialized stories, wants to get your Mondays off to good start by sending a burst of microfiction to your iOS device.

Starting July 9, the fiction-publishing web site will send a push notification to your iPhone or iPad via its Serial Box app with a 150-character-or-less tiny story that you can read while waiting for your bread to toast or bus to arrive. And squeezing a bit of storytelling into an iOS notification for Microfiction Mondays has... Read More »

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Apple's new Schoolwork app helps teachers manage classroom assignments

In time for the start of school this fall, Apple released Schoolwork, an iPad app for teachers to manage assignments, collaborate with students, and monitor student progress.

With the iPad app, you can create and send what the app calls Handouts that can contain text, web links, PDFs, and documents. Each Handout can include a title, instructions, and an activity assignment or a request for work.

You can send a Handout to individual students or to the entire class. Tap Post... Read More »

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