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This web app can show you just how bad climate change can get

Scientists attribute worsening winter storms, hurricanes, periods of intense flooding and hotter summers to climate change. In a 728-page report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said that the world has only 12 years left to limit irreversible catastrophic damage. The panel was created by World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme.

To highlight the danger, two US researchers from the University of Maryland created a web app that shows what 540 cities in North America... Read More »

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Drive Weather app helps motorists better prepare for bad weather on the road

There are about 1.2 million weather-related car accidents every year, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Year-round, drivers need to be cautious of how they operate their vehicles in heavy rains, snow and sleet, thunderstorms and other inclement conditions.

By combining map and weather technology, the new Drive Weather app (download for iOS or Android) helps drivers plan for a safe trip and avoid hazard conditions.

By plugging in the day and your route, Drive Weather tells... Read More »

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CES 2019: Use Smarty Park app to find a parking spot faster

One of the worst feelings is arriving at the mall or a parking garage and having to stalk a spot because the lot is so full.

Mexico-based startup ABD Systems created the Smarty Park app (download for iOS or Android) to make finding a parking spot easier.

Using a combination of sensors and real-time monitoring, Smarty Park shows you the availability parking places in parking garages that support the app.

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The app displays parking... Read More »

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Apple wants to use AR to connect ride-sharing customers with their drivers

Anyone that uses ridesharing apps on a daily basis is very familiar with how difficult it can be at times to find the car designated for you. If you're at crowded locations like concerts or restaurants, it can be almost impossible to distinguish between what car is for you and what car is for the people near you. Drivers face similar problems and are often caught in the middle of traffic looking for their passengers.

Apps like Uber and Lyft now... Read More »

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'Cowlines' commute app calculates the fastest route for car-less travel

With a goal of reducing carbon emissions and expedite lengthy commutes, the Cowlines app (iOS) combines all your public and private transportation options in a single trip.

Cowlines goes beyond the factors considered by other commute apps to calculate the fastest, greenest, and fiscally efficient trip.

"The name Cowlines comes from the term 'cowlines' or 'cowpaths' used by city planners to design the optimal paths in places such as parks, etc, mimicking the behavior of cows when they roam... Read More »

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How to 'follow' businesses on new Google Maps feature

Google Maps is taking a cue from Facebook and enabling users to "follow" businesses they frequent.

For now, Android users can follow a business in the Google Maps app by searching for the business and tapping "follow." The option to follow is just under the business' description and above "Overview."

After you follow a place, you'll start getting updates like events, discount offers, and other updates. The alerts will show up the For You tab.

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Now... Read More »

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Google Maps launches real-time ETA sharing on iOS and here's how to use it

At any given moment, Google Maps has a countless number of users finding where they're going through the app's navigation system. Maps has even gained Apple CarPlay support for iPhone users recently.

The app has now extended its real-time ETA feature to iOS users. Android users have been able to share their location and arrival time since last year. Here's how to do it on your iPhone:

Open Google MapsStart navigating a destination Tap the "^" button... Read More »

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Google Maps app launches new feature to help find EV charging stations

On the heels of last week's dire UN report detailing the disastrous effects of climate change that scientists believe will take effect by at least 2040, Google released a bit of news that they hope will nudge people in the right direction.

On Tuesday, Google Maps unveiled a new feature that will make it easier to find charging stations for your electric vehicle no matter where you are in the world. Google Maps Product Manager Andrew Foster... Read More »

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Google Maps integrates star ratings for businesses directly into the map

When you're searching for a place to eat in Google Maps, you have to tap on a location to learn more about it and see how it's rated. The Maps app is now rolling out a small upgrade to make finding a well-rated spot faster and easier.

As you move around in the Google Maps app, clickable restaurant names and other businesses appear on the map. Android Police has spotted new star ratings hovering just under a location's name on... Read More »

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Your car is not a smartphone: Why in-vehicle apps could be very dangerous

New vehicle technology can help keep your hands off your smartphone, but it might be distracting you from the road just as much.

Vehicle tech has come a long way from drivers simply being able to control the radio volume from the steering wheel or connect via Bluetooth. Car makers are hoping to offer drivers the ability to order coffee and make restaurant reservations while behind the wheel.

The Wall Street Journal reported that General Motors (GM) was... Read More »

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