Opera browser for Android adds free built-in unlimited VPN services

Opera has added a free, built-in VPN service to its mobile browser for Android users in version 51, which launched Wednesday. This means you won't need to sign in, download additional apps or pay extra for protection while browsing public Wi-Fi. Opera says this gives you even more control over your online privacy.

The built-in VPN creates a private, encrypted connection between your phone and the server with a 256-bit encryption algorithm. The encryption hides your physical location and... Read More &raquo

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Firefox version 66 silences videos, audio with Block Autoplay feature

Mozilla's Firefox browser is working to minimize inconveniences we encounter online. The browser's latest update, version 66released Tuesday, silences autoplaying videos by default, prevents page jumps and makes it easier to find what you're looking for in multiple tabs.

The Block Autoplay feature will by default stop videos from starting automatically on news sites or those that host movies or TV shows. If you want to watch the video, just click to play it.

It's important to note that it... Read More &raquo

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Microsoft's Windows Defender antivirus is coming to Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft has launched its Windows Defender extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The company said its goal was to extend its container technology to other browsers and give customers a way to protect themselves against browser-based attacks.

The extensions automatically redirect untrusted navigations to Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge, Windows Insider program head Dona Sokar and senior program manager Brandon LeBlanc said in a blog post on Friday.

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When... Read More &raquo

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This web app can show you just how bad climate change can get

Scientists attribute worsening winter storms, hurricanes, periods of intense flooding and hotter summers to climate change. In a 728-page report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said that the world has only 12 years left to limit irreversible catastrophic damage. The panel was created by World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme.

To highlight the danger, two US researchers from the University of Maryland created a web app that shows what 540 cities in North America... Read More &raquo

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Google Chrome Review: How's the dominant king of web browsers holding up?

Back in 2008 Google released its first version of Chrome for Windows. That year Microsoft's Internet Explorer owned the web browser market that year, topping a 66 percent share.

But Google's web browser is based on an open-source platform and gives users access to huge number of extensions to augment their browsing experience. By 2010 Google brought the Chrome browser to Linux and MacOS, and by 2012 it appeared on the Android mobile platform. A couple of years later Chrome arrived... Read More &raquo

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Firefox blocks porn sites from appearing on the New Tab page

Open a new tab in Firefox, and a page appears by default showing you top sites and highlights of pages you may want to visit. But there's one type of site you won't see on this page.

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Firefox has a filter that blacklists pornographic sites from its New Tab page, as discovered by observers chiming in on Reddit. In place since 2014, the filter blocks the thumbnails and... Read More &raquo

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How to beef up your Chrome and Firefox security in 2019

Despite the existence of millions of popular apps and services today, the humble little web browser keeps on trucking. However, online security and privacy has gotten a lot trickier over the years, and both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox arguably need a few tweaks to their settings to help you stay safe on the web. Let's get you up to speed on password management, Google account management, two-factor authentication, spyware, virtual private networks, and more.

Google Chrome settings

1. Disable Chrome's... Read More &raquo

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Edge Review: Microsoft's browser moves forward in search of users

Microsoft is certainly experienced when it comes to browsers, going back to its flagship web browser Internet Explorer built for Windows 95. For years, Microsoft Internet Explorer dominated the browser market, accounting for more than 90 percent of all browser usage in 2003.

However, with the introduction of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and even Apple's Safari, Microsoft's dominance of the browser market has dwindled to the point where it lags far behind the big three (Chrome, Firefox and Safari)... Read More &raquo

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Brave Browser Review: The Chrome alternative that supports extensions and takes an unusual path to keeping your data private

The Brave web browser has an interesting genesis. In 2014 Mozilla's CEO Brendan Eich left the company and started Brave Software, quickly beginning work on a new and perhaps game-changing web browser. Fast forward to 2016 and Brave Software released Brave, its open-source web browser. While similar to most browsers in many respects, Brave stands out in one key aspect: ad blocking. Specifically, it differs in how it deals with ad blocking and how that will ultimately affect businesses and... Read More &raquo

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Safari Review: Does Apple's web browser still set the standard for MacOS browsers?

Before 2003, Mac browser choices mainly came down to Netscape Navigator or Microsoft's Internet Explorer. However, in 2003, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that Apple had developed its own browser, and Safari was born, released in June of that same year. While Safari was available for Windows between 2007 and 2012, it is no longer supported (although it will still work on previously supported versions of Windows and even Windows 10). But really, Safari is a de facto Apple-only browser.

Safari... Read More &raquo

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