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Firefox version 66 silences videos, audio with Block Autoplay feature

Mozilla's Firefox browser is working to minimize inconveniences we encounter online. The browser's latest update, version 66released Tuesday, silences autoplaying videos by default, prevents page jumps and makes it easier to find what you're looking for in multiple tabs.

The Block Autoplay feature will by default stop videos from starting automatically on news sites or those that host movies or TV shows. If you want to watch the video, just click to play it.

It's important to note that it... Read More »

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Stay private and protected with the best Firefox security extensions

With Mozilla's focus on Firefox privacy and keeping user data secure, you'd expect to find lots of security extensions for the Firefox Web browser. Privacy and security extensions for Firefox range from ones that can block trackers to those that can throttle how much of your data Facebook can track.

What are Firefox browser add-ons?

With both the desktop and mobile versions of Firefox, you can download and add extensions and themes to customize the browser to match... Read More »

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Why YouTube may be slower in your non-Chrome browser and how to fix it

Do you find that YouTube videos take longer to load in Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers than in Google Chrome? If so, it may not just be your imagination.

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In a recent tweet, Chris Peterson, an engineering program manager with Firefox-maker Mozilla, cited testing data to back up his claim that YouTube page loads are slower in Firefox and Edge than in Google's own Chrome browser. In his tests... Read More »

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Mozilla's Firefox Monitor security tool checks if your accounts have been compromised by hackers

Despite the prevalence of hacks and data breaches in the news recently, few people ever find out if their information has been released or taken advantage of unless there is a noticeable problem. Just last year, more than 179 million records were exposed in the U.S.

Mozilla is hoping to change that by teaming with Troy Hunt -- a renowned Australian digital security expert who runs -- to create Firefox Monitor. The website allows you... Read More »

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